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Master Fic List

Doctor Who

Single Chapter Stories

Third Doctor

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Fourth Doctor
Cooking with Gallifreyans (LJ)

Ninth Doctor
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Tenth Doctor
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Eleventh Doctor
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Twelfth Doctor
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Sarah Jane Adventures
A Light in the Dark (LJ)
Carbon, Earth and Stardust (LJ)

Triptych (LJ)
Going Out With the Tide (LJ)

Multi-Chapter Stories
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region

Sapphire and Steel

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

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How to Gather Rosebuds (LJ)
Timing, As Always, Is Everything (LJ)

External Links: Ao3; Teaspoon


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External Links: A03

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Dept. of Organization

Multi- Chapter Stories

Most links to my multi-chapter stories will be to their Dreamwidth posts; links to stories prior to 2012 may go both to LJ and DW. Each multi-chapter Whoniverse story is also available at my Teaspoon and AO3 accounts.

Doctor Who
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region
Hearts and Moons Recall the Truth

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Over Easy
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Sea Bound Hearts
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Redeeming the Tree
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Dept. of Alert the Press

I Have Completed Another [community profile] fandom_stocking Story!

Thank you; you may return to your regular evenings now.

BB will take a look at it tomorrow and then it's up for its recipient.

I am happy.

The coming week will kind of suck, but I am happy that I ended the weekend in this fashion.

Go, me!

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Dept. of Weariness

This Is Not a Post

Really, folks. It isn't. It's more to say I'm alive, and that I actually intend to continue conversing with people on my last post - I'm not ignoring anyone, I just haven't had the intellectual vigor to follow up with a couple of folks. 

It's not a post, because if it were a post, I'd have said Happy Birthday, 
[personal profile] gerisullivan !! You're an amazing, creative, smiling, disciplined, fannish force of nature, and I'm very glad I know you! May the 2016-2017 year be a good for you, and may we see more of each other soon. 

It's not a post, because I might say a whole bunch of things about the fire-struck oil-slick that is the RNC. I've been watching it at a remove, by following Twitter. I tried watching one of the early speeches and it raised my blood pressure enough to make me turn off the television.

It's not a post because every single day seems to unleash some awful bit of violence here and abroad - on top of the unending violence and despair in Syria and Iraq, in Somalia, in other places that are just as real as my home, against people who don't deserve it. And I don't have the spoons to consider it.

It's not a post, because it's too damned hot. And the old break in my foot aches from the mugginess. And I'm worried about Alex, the senior ginger partner of our feline triad. He's been throwing up almost every day. I removed any bit of milk from his diet (we used to give him a little bit of milk as a treat on a too-regular basis.) I'm hoping that will help.

It's not a post because - wait, I can say that I'm almost done one more IOU 
[community profile] fandom_stocking  fic. Yes! Something positive! 

And now I'm going to bed. 
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Dept. of Will You Listen to Yourself?

Thoughts Upon Seeing a Friend's Twitter Rant

Someone I'm very fond of has just posted thoughts about how they are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. This person was a dedicated Bernie fan, and apparently is, much to my sad realization, one of those fans who will not vote for Hillary, despite Bernie's official endorsement.  

I chose not to engage on Twitter, not least because I'm already pushing the envelope of my semi-business Twitter account with the types of retweets and favorites I make public. A conversation about this would cross the line even further than I've already pushed it. 

So I'm bringing my thoughts here, via copying, pasting, and slightly amending a piece of commentary I posted before the last American presidential election.
I don't think the person in question pays much attention to LJ/DW these days, but I need to say what I have to say somewhere. 

**** **** ****

Voting matters. It always matters. 

Make a choice, even if it is the lesser of two evils. Often "the lesser of two evils" turns out to be one of two things - "better than one expected," or "helping keep the greater of two evils out." In either case, your vote is important.

Voting matters. It always matters.

A political meme that still inexplicably enjoys some coin puts forth the idea that a) one's vote doesn't count and b) one's vote is important enough to be withheld from the ballot box as a form of protest.

The illogic inherent between the front and back end of that message is staggering.

If you want to sound like some first year Business Communications major/French Lit minor trying to impress a potential roll in the hay with your world-weary political sophistication, go ahead and believe it. (If you are a Business Comm/French Lit student and understand the stupidity of that little conceit, my apologies.) If, on the other hand, you're an adult ....

You think that by withholding your vote, you'll make "them" listen? 

You fool. 

The only person who pays attention to an "unvote" is the campaign strategist for the winning candidate; she's the one who's glad her opponent's candidate was the beneficiary of every single unvote not in the ballot box.

And this year, who is the person happiest for the unvotes for Hillary? It's not Bernie. It's the fascist who would wreck this country.

You call yourself a progressive, but you turn on the progressive you backed when he makes the pragmatic decision that was, surely, far harder for him to make than for you to contemplate? Then you weren't really that much of a supporter, were you? 

Also, no, withholding your vote from the Democratic candidate won't make the Democratic apparatchiks take you or your views seriously. They may laugh as loudly as the clown-car fascist. 

If I hear one more iteration of "Voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for evil," I swear I will scream. Voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for the lesser of two evils - because the greater evil is greater, and will scour your soul far more badly than the lesser will.

If you look hard enough at any candidate, no matter how good, you're apt to find something at which you can point and say "EVIL!" So your argument is, frankly, an invalid and slightly sophomoric one. Pragmatism; it's a thing, and it is not, merely by definition, evil. Nor is idealism, merely by definition, good.

 Voting matters. It always matters.

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Dept. of Success


First Born's band, wellthen, has made its Kickstarter goal; hurrah!!!!  (Hey, good news and happiness from Yours Truly!)
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Dept. of Don't Despair

It's Been A Long, Hard, Heart-Shredding Week

So I'll just leave this here.

The pictures are all pretty cheesy, but the song Todd wrote isn't, not in my opinion at least.

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Dept. of Birthdays

Another Birthday That I Forgot

[personal profile] laurel , who I first met at a Minicon music party, and who I immediately liked because she was cool, happy birthday! You introduced me to the internet, and were the first person I knew who used the word "blog." You are a cat lover par excellence, and you can judge quality television like some oonophiles judge fine wine. It's been a long time since we last saw each other, and I hope a time comes when we can get reacquainted in the three-dee world. Until then - may your birthday (back on July 5, yes, I missed it, ack) signal a year in which life becomes easier, better, and more rewarding for you than you could even hope for.  This entry was originally posted at http://kaffyr.dreamwidth.org/415415.html?mode=reply, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments. You can comment there or here; I watch both.

Dept. of Birthdays

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] masakochan !

To someone who shares my love of anime, Doctor Who, and observing the world, may your birthday have everything and everyone you want in it, and have none of what and who you don't want!

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Dept. of Independence

A Plea

Every Independence Day, I try to write a post that tells friends and acquaintances what I feel about Independence Day in America. This year, my post is a plea to everyone in this amazing country - and, frankly, to any of my friends and acquaintances around the world. Because what I'm about to ask all of you is something that I think is necessary. It's a plea from my heart, asking you all to help maintain democracy in a way that goes beyond love and duty, to action. 

Read newspapers. 

Read newspapers that you agree with, read the ones you're pretty sure are wrong-headed. Compare their stories. Continue reading them. Read newspapers from other countries if you can. 

Pay for those newspapers.

If you read them online, and there's a way to subscribe to a digital version of those papers, think hard about which ones you think are doing a good job - not necessary the job you like, but a good job - of trying to inform their reading public. 

If you read them in hard copy, subscribe. If you can only afford to get weekend delivery, do that. If you can afford seven-day-a-week delivery, do that. It'll be more expensive, but it's worth it to you - after all, you won't have to worry about your access to news dying with a recalcitrant laptop or aging tablet. And you'll have something to line your birdcage with eventually. More importantly, you'll be able to turn a page and find news you hadn't expected, hadn't looked for - and you might learn something important about your world. That's another benefit to hard-copy. When you read online news sources, they tend to conform themselves, via algorithms and other marketing magic, to what they think you want to read, or hear. Voila, instant echo chamber. 

So, yes, if you can, read newspapers, and pay for them. 

Most of you know I'm a reporter, so you may assume this is my biased, and slightly panicked, plea to my friends and acquaintances to help keep my source of income alive. Well, of course it is. 

But there's also this: this is what The Nation wrote most recently about the public's decreasing access to news that men, women, and children need to know, in order to make informed decisions about what's going on in their neighborhoods, their towns, their counties and provinces and states and nations and world. 

It's nothing new, as even the author states. But it's frightening in the extreme. 

They call journalism The Fourth Estate. I consider it one of the important pillars of democracy, along with informed voting, and continued informed involvement in democracy before and after voting. In fact, if you don't know what is happening around you - what businesses, governments, individuals, corporations, courts, et al, are doing to and for you - you cannot vote in an informed fashion. 

Newspapers are dying. And I'm not sure that live media is doing much of a job providing the news that people need in place of newspapers. Reading heavily targeted news that agrees with what you believe (something of which I'm equally guilty) will not tell you what's going on in this world. Newspapers, general circulation newspapers - small, medium, large, weekly and daily, neighborhood and national -  are what will help. 

They need money to keep going. So pay up. You're helping pay for democracy. 

Will keeping newspapers alive keep news alive? Probably not, in the long run, or at least in the way we once thought of news and newspapers. But it will help. And I can't think of a more patriotic thing to do on this Independence Day, than to check your wallet, figure out which two or three newspapers to support (remember to make one of them one that you don't agree with, but which you think has half-way decent reportage), and put your money into a subscription. 

Nor can I think of anything more patriotic for Canadians, for Brits, for Australians - for anyone whose country has a half-way open society - to do. We don't have the excuse of personal danger when we subscribe to good news sources that many folks across the world have. Let's use that freedom. 

Thank you, and here's a little something from Robert Reich that says other good things about democracy.

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Dept. of Birthdays

Catching Up, Because You're All Such Neat People

Yes, I missed a lot of birthdays. That's a shame, so let me put it at least partially aright. 

Almost a month ago, on June 11, 
[personal profile] time_converges  celebrated her birthday. She is a joy to see, whenever she posts, or comments; she and I share a love of Donna, who was never just a temp, and who has thoughtful things to say about politics and life in general. I know you're mostly on Tumblr these days, but I'm always glad to see you around these parts. I hope your birthday was awesome, and that the days which followed were equally so. 

A day later, on June 12, the long missing dark_aegis celebrated a birthday. Hers were among the first fics I ever read, and thus among the small collection of fic writers who impressed me and made me think that writing fic was something I wanted to try. Not only did she share my love for Dr. Who, the last I read from her was that she kind of liked Agents of S,H,I,E.L.D., which I hope continued to be a thing. And perhaps sometime she'll drop back by, and it will be a pleasure to see her. Happy (very) belated birthday!

On June 16, the most estimable 
[personal profile] eaweek  celebrated a natal anniversary. Bowie aficionado, fic writer whose talents allowed me to enjoy a Labyrinth fic, a swimmer, a figure-skating fan, someone who can run an office - which I hold in almost superstitious awe and respect - someone who can make cogent commentary about the world, and someone who hasn't yet killed or maimed the fools who occasionally intersect her orbit - I hope your birthday was good (actually, I just read your post that day - I'm glad it was a good get-together; a bright spot in a dark day.) May we continue to interact in the future, and may this year be a good one for you!

Much closer to the present, on June 25, the wonderful 
[personal profile] joking  had a birthday. Happy birthday to you, fellow fic writer, TARDIS fan, 9Rose/Jack OT3 appreciator, poetic writer, and lovely person in general. I hope to see you around occasionally, but even if I don't catch you, I figure I am lucky to have had the chance to interact with you. Happy, happy 2016 to you, with loads of friendship, love, and accomplishments.

[personal profile] autographedcat , another June 25 celebrator, isn't around much these days, but when he shows up, I always smile. He loves fandom, fanfic, Dr. Who, filk, and other excellent things, and I hope he is enjoying all those things (and all the things in general) now. May the coming year be a very good one for you!

I think that about covers the list of people who have celebrated in the past month. If I've missed you, know that I hope you, whoever you are, had a great birthday. 

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Dept. of Don't Despair

Post Canada Day Report

I wanted to post something happy after my last extremely emotional rant. The world is still pretty fucking awful, but there are good things going on as well. 

Canadian goodnessCollapse )

American goodnessCollapse )

So, yes, good things. Good, strong things that remind me life can still be worth it all. 
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Dept. of Getting Back on the Damn Bike

Things I Have Done Lately

1. Obsessed over every episode of Game of Thrones, without ever watching a single episode. Yes, I've watched every scene on YouTube that YouTubers can offer me, loads of reviews and responses. No, I don't have HBO, and ... it's stupid of me. But I'm going to be so upset at the end of the season next Sunday.

2. Thrown out all the Marion Zimmer Bradley books I've had on my shelf for years. I'd thought I'd keep a couple of books of hers that were important to me because of how they shaped my love for SF&F, and for the sense of wonder they engendered in me. In the end, I couldn't keep any of them. It was a decision a long time in coming, and it was the first time in my life I have ever thrown books out. I don't believe I shall ever do it again. But for me it was the right thing to do. I couldn't stomach giving them to a second-hand store.

3. Picked up the partly empty drink cup a well-made up gym rat had left on her seat as she headed out the L train door to get to a Cubs game, handed it to her (or her friend, the even more made-up gym rat) and "asked" her to throw it away in a garbage can once she got onto the platform, since "I believe it belongs to you." She did. I am ashamed of being petty about their looks. I
should not be that way, since I support anyone's right to decorate their body in the way they see fit. I can only point to my upbringing and say it's hard to escape the attitudes I grew up experiencing when it comes to make-up. On the other hand, I am very glad I told her pick up her damn trash. Politely.

4. Became an employee of tronc. Yes, tronc. tronc. tronc.  Mother of fucking god.

5. Wrote a little more of "Hearts & Moons." Go, me.

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Dept. of Musical Pimping


That's not a misspelling; that's the name of the band that my beloved FB plays in, writes for, and enjoys a whole lot.

He and his bandmates have been working their tails off to put together a high quality debut album. And that takes money. So, like many a millennial  band before them, they've taken to Kickstarter to get the $5,000 necessary to put it out there.

They created a very funny video explaining what they're doing.  I get a kick out of it, even after seeing it several times (possibly because Andy wrote much of it, and does the voiceover, I'm compelled to admit.) Why not take a look, and a listen? I'd tell you to look for the good looking man with the beard, but they all have beards in most of the video, so that's no help. But at the start of the video, in the still, he's the one without a beard, in the short-sleeved purple tee. (And there's a scene in the video where you see a man and a woman talking to each other in the foreground; that's him, and his beloved Emily.)

It may not be your kind of music. And there are certainly a lot more important things to put your money into these days. But if it tickles your fancy or your funny-bone, and if you'd like to help them out, I'd be delighted. And so would they.

ETA: after fighting with LJ's coding, which simply will NOT let me embed the video, despite LJ telling me it's embedded, I'll just direct everyone to the link I put in the second paragraph, which will take you directly to their web page. Sigh

ETA 2: Thanks to my beloved BB, we can actually now embed the video here, via YouTube - you still have to go to their Kickstarter page if you want to donate, though.

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Dept. of Birthdays

People Were Born, Hurrah!

Along with being almost out of commission around here for the last few days, I've also forgotten to wish folks happy birthdays. 

Back on June 1, cassie_faith had a birthday; here's hoping you have a good year, with work that you like, friends, freedom from stress and time to enjoy life. 

On June 8, earlgreytea68 was another year wiser. I'm glad I know this talented writer, whose life has led her many places, and who is truly one of the good guys in fandom. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, too, on June 8, to 
[personal profile] acciochocolate , who is a remarkable Who fan and a lovely person. I hope the year to come is an excellent one for you!

And finally, many happy returns of the day to 
[personal profile] livii , one of the first people I "met" in online fandom. May the coming year be full of travel, without any illness; may your boys know what a great mother they have; and may you have time to hang around LJ!

And now I have to make up for a sick day, so I'm off to the salt mines.

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Title: Beer and Skittles
[personal profile] kaffyr
Characters: Melinda May, Natasha Romanov
Words: 2,005
Summary: Two old friends, with similar spectacularly lethal skill sets, walk into a bar. How Melinda took care of Natasha's watchful heart.
Author's Note: This story has been sitting, half completed, for well over a year, but I finally realized how it should end only recently. I really love both of these women, and I hope this story treats them with the respect and affection they deserve. I like to think that neither of them are beyond getting a little looped to relax. This takes place prior to "Avengers: Age of Ultron." It also follows what I believe is fanon about Natasha's age, and the results of Red Room genetic manipulation.
Edited by: The most excellent
Disclaimer: No characters are mine. They are the sole property of Marvel, Marvel Studios, Paramount Studios, ABC, and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin.


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Dept. of Long Time, No Post

I Aten't Dead, Mostly

I was supposed to be at a new board meeting tonight, but I'm feeling like crap, and realized it was a migraine (and possibly a cold that started creeping up on me at a meeting I covered last night. So I'm more or less on the couch, feeling miserable, after eating supper, and I realized it's been almost two weeks since I actually posted anything here. So ... well ....

... I'm here.

I have a fic to post, which might go up tonight. Maybe. If I feel like it. Augh. I still have two more fandom_stocking IOUs to complete, but this isn't one of them.

I wanted to re-read a particularly powerful and well-written piece of fiction by
[personal profile] ljgeoff (hi, my dear!), but my eyes and brain aren't allowing me to do that with the care I want to lavish on it. Instead, I'll send wishes for quick healing.

I wanted to tell the story of how the remarkable
[personal profile] gerisullivan helped pass along a tradition of earrings to me, after hearing about the loss of my favorite earrings in Cleveland. Really recount the event the delight and joy it deserves, I mean, because she is such a marvelously creative and overall remarkable human being. But I don't have the spoon, except to say, Geri, you rock, and I'm still enthusing about your gift to me, all these days later.

I have emails to send out to our unit owners and renters about a water problem that needs to be fixed on Friday. I have to chase after one of the people I represented two weeks ago in a discipline hearing, to see if he can make it to his first stage grievance hearing next week. But right now, I still hurt too bad to do anything more than post here.

I want to continue reading Paul Cornell's latest dark fantasy police procedural, "Who Killed Sherlock Holmes," which is on its way to being just as good, and scary, as the two previous books. But I can't read much.

I thought I might comment on the Dems and GOPs as they flounder and founder prior to their national conventions. But I have not the heart to do so.

I may go and lie down in the dark. Or I may lie here in the living room and chat, slowly, with BB. Not sure which.

So how are all of you?

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Dept. of Delayed Birthdays

Happy Birthday Wishes Go Out To...

...two people who celebrated on May 24: 

[personal profile] sallymn , who, although I've never met her in person, is, I am solidly convinced, one of the sweetest people it's been my pleasure to meet online. She's smart, friendly, funny, loves music, and is a fantastic icon maker. There are probably many other things she's great at, but the one that I am surest about; she makes me smile. Happy Birthday, only a couple of days late!

[personal profile] lydy , who is also smart, and funny, and wise, and more than occasionally silly. It's been too long since we last met in person, but I hope that situation will someday change. I hope your birthday was excellent, and I hope even more that your coming year is excellent, glorious, magnificent, and just a little weird.  This entry was originally posted at http://kaffyr.dreamwidth.org/412278.html?mode=reply, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments. You can comment there or here; I watch both.

Dept. of Birthdays

Happy Birthday to You ...

... the seldom-seen
[personal profile] peoppenheimer , a man who knows and understands the country where mathematics and philosophy live as one, and can walk the roads therein. I hope today is a fine day for you.

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Dept. of Birthdays

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] radiolaires !

All the best of this natal celebration to a lady who is a talented artist (her River sketches are gorgeous and priceless), thoughtful and sophisticated writer, and a very, very nice person. I hope this year is a good one for you!
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Title: Encounter at the Rembrandt Hotel
[personal profile] kaffyr 
Characters: the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, Missy, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov, Phil Coulson
Words: 4,394
Summary: A tale in which Clint Barton and Natasha Romanov learn that they really should have been better apprised by Phil Coulson about the 20 percent crazy stuff from UNIT’s files.
Author's Note:This is another criminally delayed [community profile] fandom_stocking story, this one for the very patient 
[personal profile] beccadg . She enjoys both Doctor Who and the Marvel Cinematic Universe; I hope she enjoys this crossover. I placed it in the Rembrandt Hotel, which I remember fondly from a 1979 visit to England, although it is, I understand, quite updated from its 1979 layout. NOTE: This story takes place in 2013 — before the events of Captain America: the Winter Soldier — but after the death of Danny Pink in Clara’s and the Doctor’s personal timelines. It also posits a relationship between Clint, Phil and Natasha, one undertaken with the knowledge, affection and respect of and for Laura Barton, who is awesome, and who, I think, looks to Phil and Natasha to keep Clint safe. And possibly in line as well.
Edited by: the perspicacious dr_whuh, who I adore.
Disclaimer: As much as I might wish it were otherwise, no characters are mine. They are the sole property of the BBC, Marvel, Marvel Studios, Paramount Studios, ABC, and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin, although I do thank everyone for letting me play in their respective sandboxes.


Read more...Collapse )
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Dept. of Small Mercies

The Weekend. Dear Lord, the Weekend

Monday: Sinead
Tuesday: More Sinead
Wednesday: Union rep at two discipline hearings, 1 clearcut, 1 less so. Learned I'd be getting another town added to my beats, with at least 3 more beats in said town.
Thursday: Can't remember, because of Monday-Wednesday. Not enough stories written
Friday: Results of discipline hearings. Teh Suck. Not enough stories written.

BUT ... This

Also, old-fashioned jazz, and a mimosa.

And a very handsome husband.

Maybe things are looking up?

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Dept. of ... Uh ....

OK, It's Truly the End Times

I am watching a livestream of Eurovision 2016.

Also - Australia is part of Eurovision ... how did it drift to the Continent?

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Dept. of Birthdays

Delayed Birthdays Are Still to be Celebrated, As Are Today's!

It's been a bit of a week - and it bids fair to be quite a bit more of a week next week. With that in mind, I've decided to enjoy the weekend. I'll check through my various f'lists and try to catch up with people. And in between grocery shopping and cleaning the oven and stovetop, and possibly even damp mopping the dining room floor, I shall attempt more fic writing.

But first - very definitely first - there are birthday wishes to send out.

Back on May 9,
[personal profile] calapine had a birthday. I hope you celebrated in a way that made you happy, perhaps with family, perhaps with friends, perhaps at home with your feet up on the ottoman, with a libation of your choice in one hand, a good book or a remote in the other. I don't see you around here often, but I really enjoy you when you are. Happy year!

Then on May 10
deathpixiehad her birthday. I hope it was a good one for you who are, so far as I know, still in My Home and Native Land. May your day have been good, and may it presage an excellent year for you!

When May 14 (today! woo-hoo!) dawned,
jrsz's birthday celebration commenced - and I hope it will be an excellent one. I hope you're still poking about around here, and I hope your life is being good to you!

And finally, on the very same day - today, huzzah!!! -
[personal profile] lost_spook is celebrating her birthday. Here's to one of the finest tour guides I've ever had the pleasure of guiding me into the lost world of old British television, here's to that rare fic writer who is both prolific and proficient - nay, brilliantly talented - and here's to someone gifted with dry and gentle wit, patience, and determination to keep enjoying life. I'm glad to know you, and I hope today has been a birthday that suits you right down to your toes!

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Just A Thought on Fights on Film or Television

It seems to me that almost any fight, particularly comic-book fights, superhero fights, action film fights, would be shorter, less flashy, and more successful for whoever undertook the final move, if the person determined to win focused almost solely upon kneeing their opponent, hard, in the groin.

(I am reliably informed by those whose business it would be to be in the know that even wearing a cup is not necessarily proof against such a move, given that kicking, punching, or otherwise banging a cup hard enough would cause painful repercussions inside the cup.)

This might not work as well against a female opponent, I'll grant you. However, having landed on the cross-bar of what was once called a boy's bike more than once myself, and having experienced the breath-stopping impact of that, I'm willing to bet it mightn't be as ineffective against women as all that. 

As you can imagine, this has lessened my appreciation of even the most gloriously choreographed fights I've witnessed on the big or small screen lately.
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