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ETA: As of 11th Jan. 2020 the section of this post listing my Marvel Cinematic Universe stories has been included, much to my frustration, under the Sapphire and Steel cut. If you open that cut, you'll be able to access their links. Once I've managed to tease out the screwy coding, I'll fix it. Thanks for your forbearance.

Doctor Who

Single Chapter Stories

Third Doctor

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Fourth Doctor
Cooking with Gallifreyans (LJ)

Ninth Doctor
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Tenth Doctor
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Eleventh Doctor
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Twelfth Doctor
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Thirteenth Doctor
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Sarah Jane Adventures
A Light in the Dark (LJ)
Carbon, Earth and Stardust (LJ)

Triptych (LJ)
Going Out With the Tide (LJ)

Multi-Chapter Stories
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region

Sapphire and Steel
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The Goblin Emperor
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Multi- Chapter Stories

Most links to my multi-chapter stories will be to their Dreamwidth posts; links to stories prior to 2012 may go both to LJ and DW. Each multi-chapter Whoniverse story is also available at my Teaspoon and AO3 accounts.

Doctor Who
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region
Hearts and Moons Recall the Truth

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Dept. of Needlessly Wordy How-To's

How to Use Google Drive as a 3rd Party Image Hosting Platform

So back when the horrid surprise of Photobucket’s greedapalooza was still fresh, a lot of people were looking for third party hosting alternatives. Someone out there had a really helpful list of potentials, but for various reasons, none of them suited me. I wondered whether I could make use of Google Photos as a third party platform.

As it happened, I couldn’t. Google had very recently ended its image hosting capabilities — unfortunate timing, that — but I did some poking about and found that there’s a work-around that lets you still use Google Drive as a third party platform. At least one person (hi,
[personal profile] azriona !) was interested, so this is my attempt to tell people how to use this process.

I’m including a link to the YouTube video that taught me how to do this, which you might prefer to following my step-by-step. Here 'tis: https://youtu.be/zhwYRPImH9E.

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So you have your Google account and you’re ready to start.

  1. Choose an image to upload, possibly from your own newly-created “Fuck Photobucket” file on your hard drive. Upload it to Google Drive. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll do it thusly (and if you’re using Firefox, Safari, or whatever, it will probably be fairly similar.) Click on Google Drive. Once you’re in drive, click on New, which is near the top left. You should get a drop down menu that includes “File Upload.” Hit it, and pretty soon your picture will appear in your drive. I put all my uploaded pics in one Drive folder for ease of access, along with my Permalinks record, so everything’s in the same place.

  2. Now you want to adjust the picture’s “share” settings, so that it’s “Public on the Web.” How to do that? Your trusty right click button. Don’t open the picture; just right click on the thumbnail/description in the Drive list. When you do, you’ll see a bunch of options.

  3. Open the “Share” option. A window should open up. Pay attention only to “Advanced.” Click “Advanced.”

  4. You’ll get a different window. Look for “Who Has Access.” It will probably be set at “Private — Only You Can Access.” You’ll want to change that, so hit “Change.”

  5. You’ll get three options. The one you want is “On — Public on the Web.” Make sure that button is the one you hit, then hit “Save.”

  6. You’ll then have a “Link to Share.” Copy that sucker, and head on over to gdurl.com.

  7. The very first thing you’ll see once you go to that site is a spot that says “Paste a Public Google Drive URL etc.” Put your URL there, and hit “Create Permalink.” Go down a little farther on the page, and there, under “Standard URL” you will have your shiny new permalink. Copy that permalink, along with a description of what the pic/image is, to whatever document you’ll be using to keep the information.

  8. Voila! You now have the code you need to embed your photo wherever you want to embed it! (If we’re talking LJ or Dreamwidth, you’ll have be able to insert it via the "insert/edit image" or "insert photo" icons. I do it in the rich text format.)  And, because you’ve saved the permalink and a description in a file somewhere, you can use the same code again and again!

  9. EDIT as of 22 April, 2019: It appears as if gdurl.com no longer provides the http://gdurl.com/ section of the code when it creates your permalink. Don't despair. Take the admittedly confusing very short piece of code you get when you hit "create permalink" - it'll be something like RbKx - and simply put in the http://gdurl.com/ in front. I'm not sure why gdurl is only providing the latter half of the URL,, nor can I guess whether this change will disappear and things will go back to what they were, but this is how to deal with it

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So there you have my extremely wordy how-to. I hope it might be of help to someone.

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TARDIS at Giverny

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Welcome - Let Me Talk About Myself!

This year I decided I'd take part in
[community profile] snowflake_challenge , in part because I want to keep active in fandom, tell people how much I value them and, (probably more than) occasionally, talk about who I am and why I do what I do.

The first challenge asked me to introduce myself to people. So here goes, but I've put it under a cut because it goes on and on and on.

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Dept. of My Home and Native Land

(Crossposted manually, since, once again, LJ is being awful)

Thank You, Canada

You bore me, you let me grow, you made me into who I am.

Thank you for everything: donairs, the Pocket Rocket, Bruce Cockburn, Pierre Elliott Trudeau damnhisbrillianteyes, thank you for Montreal and Ottawa, Winnipeg and Whitehorse, Vancouver and Halifax my Halifax, for the Mi'kmaq and Wet'suwet'en First Nations, for the Northwest Passage, for Hockey Night in Canada, for Chris Hadfield and Alexander Graham Bell, for the Acadians who returned despite Britain, for those who died at Passchendaele and Juno Beach, for Angele Arsenault, for Oscar Peterson and Glenn Gould, for Rita Joe and George Elliott Clarke, for Sarah McLachlan and Anne Murray, for Adrienne Clarkson and Michaelle Jean, for the Northern Lights and Lester Pearson and Banting and Best, for the Second City and its graduates, for Paul Gross, for the McGarricles and Rufus Wainwright and Arcade Fire and Margaret Atwood and Mordechai Richler, for Wayne and Shuster, and The Friendly Giant and the CBC ...

... for Mary Glen Keirstead and Bill Routliffe, for Margaret Barss Stackhouse and Ronald McNeill Keirstead, for Warren McNeill Routliffe. For everyone I've been blessed to know and love in Canada.

Thank you.

And before this gets too maudlin, have a couple of Canadian-themed motivator posters, courtesy of the Motivator Thread at Television Without Pity, of blessed memory.

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Bouncing cats

Dept. of Kitties

Gerry and Carter

When we sent Opie over the bridge on April 14, he was the last of our long-time cats. I said the next day I didn't know if I could foresee getting another cat, at least not immediately. Over the following weeks, I actually liked being able to put the cat food dishes away, and have a kitchen free of them and the covered litter box (don't judge; we have a small condo, and it's the only place we can put it. Sixteen years of experience has shown us it can work and not be disgusting). I liked not having to watch my feet when I got up, or check for cat vomit, or pick up furballs, or anything having to do with cats, frankly. When Bob mentioned the possibility to me a couple of weeks later, I just looked at him, and he shut up.

And then somehow both of us were checking various adoption agencies' websites, looking to see when they were going to be open for adoptions again.

One of them is just a block from us in Far North Rogers Park. And somehow, once again, we went up the day they reopened for adoptions and checked out a bunch of cats.

About a week and a half later, we welcomed Gerry and Carter to Casa Kathbob. They are about five years old, are bonded although they're not sibs, and - kind of important - they've never been outside the shelter. Carter, the ginger and white boy, was born either there or at another shelter, and Gerry, the black and white tuxie, was still a kitten when he arrived there.

It's been an interesting process. For one thing, it's pretty clear the lady who runs the shelter loves these two and, given her druthers, would have kept them. But it's also clear that she knew getting them homes was the best thing to do for them.

The dichotomy has led to her being ... shall we say ... rather more willing to insert herself into our daily life than we'd like. We had to buy the expensive cat food she feeds them, we had to buy the expensive cat litter she uses for them, she bought and gave us loads of toys for both of them, she wants us to put screens in our windows so they can have fresh air, she''s checked on them almost daily either by text or phone  - I just got off the phone with her..- yeah, a bit intense. We're bearing with it because the contract we signed gives her the right to do that for about two or three weeks, and ... whatever. We want to extricate ourselves from her without her having to worry about the cats. .

Once that happens, we'll see if we can gradually introduce them to the healthy but less expensive food we've used, and we want to see if we can wean them off the litter they've been used to, and introduce them to the litter we've used for years. We may not be successful. If not, we can live with what they're used to, but I hope we can make the changes. Especially with the litter - god, I hate clumping litter; it's nauseating.

But none of that matters in the end. We have two new kitties, and we think they're going to fit in. They've been sleeping with us fairly regularly, even the first night, and although they don't like being picked up, they are definitely happy to be petted and cooed at. Carter was originally named Cotter, but Bob always hated "Welcome Back Kotter," so it's been amended to John Carter of Mrrp. Gerry was originally Jerry Garcia, but neither of us are fans of the Grateful Dead, so he's now named in honor of my late beloved union mentor Gerry Minkkinen.

We have to take Gerry in on July 7th to check on a growth in his throat, which the shelter didn't know about. Til then, his nickname is Mr. Sniffles; with any luck, the growth can be easily removed or otherwise dealt with. Carter is the dopiest cat I've seen in a long time - very flat head with ears and nose so big they make his eyes look tiny. I hate to say that I've got a favorite this early in the game but ... yeah, I kind of do.

Here they are: Carter looks almost handsome. Heh.

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Brit Baby Bugger

Dept. of Oh FFS

Livejournal's At It Again.

Once again, I can't crosspost, because, and I quote "Client error: Your IP address is temporarily banned for exceeding the login failure rate."

am thisclose to saying fuck it to LJ, and letting those of my friends who only post here, that they can find me there. Jesus Harold Christ.
Bleach Set the World on Fire

Dept. of These Things Are Important

My Brother the Cop

In what is surely the universe's warning to me about creating badly written and structurally unsound posts, replete with unnecessary phrasing and unneeded facts that would, ultimately, serve only to muddy the metaphysical waters, my original attempt at this one disappeared. I have no idea when or how, since I had the tab open and unfiddled-with for a day or so. Checked in this morning and - hey-presto! - it was gone. Thank you, universe.

No. Really. Thank you. I needed to do a better, tighter, more direct job. That didn't happen, b
ut I do think this is a better post than my original effort.

My younger brother is a retired cop.

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So I end this with two thoughts.

Look for the occasional good cop apple. They're out there, trying not to drown in the Fucking Racist, Classist, Misogynist Ocean of Shit that is modern policing. Get them out of that ocean, and tell them "It's time for you to help drain that FRCMOofS and create something newer and better." I think they will be eager to help.

And, more immediately, read this New York Times article on William J. Lewinski, the reprehensible (there's that word again) prophet of American policing's "shoot first, cover it up later" philosophy. Many thanks to
[personal profile] minoanmiss ,  who brought this guy to my notice back on May 31, and who advocated sending the PoS a message about how he is, in fact, a PoS peddling "Us Against Humanity" attitudes among police he trains - the snicker quotes around the word trains are more than implied - and suggesting that he, you know, STOP RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. You may well have seen this and done that, because I am, as usual, late to the party, but if you haven't - here you go.

Write your note and email it here: https://www.forcescience.org/contact.

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