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Day After Day

Weird Thursday? No, not completely. But close.
      I covered the last village meeting on my old beat tonight; was happy to see there was a small amount of consternation amongst the folks there when I bid my goodbyes. Always leave 'em wanting more.
     Covering the meeting was practically the only thing I got done today. And I had hoped I'd get all sorts of work-related things done. Nope. Not a chance. My mind was all sorts of elsewhere, and it didn't leave a forwarding address. Tomorrow is going to have to be a whole hell of a lot better, professionally speaking.
    On the other hand, I did get to see the first Burn Notice of the season this evening. And a  very good piece of summer entertainment it was, too. Anything with Bruce Campbell as a sidekick has to kick ass, and does.

     Also, I made an excellent egg salad: a small shallot, finely chopped cucumber, and curry powder.
     Well, I like it.

Tags: grumpy old bat, television
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