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good times, good times

Frakkin' Interweb learning curve...

May I just say, as an old lady, that learning the ins and outs of LJ communication is making me crazy? I mean, I'm using the frakkin' manual, aka reading the FAQ, but things that seem to me as if they should be self-evident, or at least should be self-evident questions to ask and get answers for, aren't. *Grump*


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Jul. 28th, 2007 04:15 am (UTC)
I'm still glad you're here!

Good luck with the rest of the learning curve.
Jul. 28th, 2007 05:09 am (UTC)
Heh. Thanks - I'm trying. (I'm very trying.)

As I just said to someone else, I may end up using this space to write things. "Things" is a technical term we "writers" use to describe "things" that we "write."
Jul. 28th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)
Good to see you here!

Have you tried any of the LJ clients? They're available from a "download" section somewhere or at least there are links to sites that have software.

I use XJournal on my Mac, used to use Semagic on my PC. Both make it easier, I think.
Jul. 28th, 2007 07:09 am (UTC)
Hi - good to be here. Regarding your comments in re, LJ clients...Honey, do you remember TNH once talking about being a "click on the fluffy bunny" type of person? I'm the kind of person for whom they write "How To Click On The Fluffy Bunny For Dummies" books. In large print. With one syllable words. And I still don't understand. Me bang keyboard hard...find gud stuf out that way...

(Also good to see you over on The Oncoming Recaps...I don't know if you lurk or post at TWoP, since you have your own eminently excellent television-related sites and enterprises...but if you haven't read Jacob's recaps of Who or BSG, you are missing a fanTAStic writer, and I'm trying like hell to get him back on the site.)
Jul. 28th, 2007 07:23 am (UTC)
If you use a Windows computer, go to this page and download the software at the top of the page (two different links there, which one you need depends on what kind of Windows you're running, most likely you need the second of the two. Then run the program you downloaded. I can give more detailed instructions re downloading if need be. :-)

If you're on a Mac, go to this page and use the "Download Now" link to download iJournal. Then install and run it (I can walk you through that if need be).

Both these pieces of software are "clients" that interact all nice like with Livejournal. So you actually make your post within the client software, which has all sorts of useful tools for doing LJ-related stuff built in. Most have autosave too so you needn't worry about losing a post if your web browser crashes. All sorts of bells and whistles, though you don't necessarily need to use many of them.

I find it makes it much easier to post to LJ and they're usually more intuitive than the LJ website is.
Jul. 30th, 2007 01:51 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks for the explanation. Anything that makes this a little more intuitive to swim around in, I could probably use. I'll check with Bob to see how much I have to turn off on our computer to download anything. He's got us firewalled and adblocked and filtered and securitied up the wazoo. It means we don't get worms (I thought a collar would work just as well, but whatever...) and such, but it means that unlocking out electronic doors to actually let things in takes time.
Jul. 28th, 2007 07:26 am (UTC)
As for TWOP, I don't think I've read any of his recaps-- it's pretty rare that I visit the site any more.

I have an account, assuming it's still there. Didn't post very much, I think the one time I did I got picked on by Aaron Sorkin. Good times, good times.

I used to regularly read recaps for certain shows and once in a while I'll still head over to read recaps written by friends of mine.

I'm fairly allergic to message boards and mailing lists and newsgroups devoted to TV shows. Sad, but true.

I am curious now and may have to check out a Doctor Who recap or two.
Jul. 29th, 2007 03:06 am (UTC)
What are you trying to figure out, m'love?
Jul. 30th, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
Besides a clue about world peace or cures for cancer? Trying to figure out if there's actually a button to push to ask communities to "affiliate" with one's own community. You got some to affiliate over at TOR; how you do that, hmmmm?
Jul. 30th, 2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
The old fashioned way. Went to the info pages, found the comm's email addy. If they didn't have one, I stalked the maintainers to their own el jays. If I couldn't find an email to them, I went to their most recent post and commented on it, asking permission to post/if they could affiliate.
Jul. 30th, 2007 07:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, damn. The old fashioned way. You mean I have to *work*? It's a frakkin' hard life...heh. Thanks!
Jul. 30th, 2007 08:22 am (UTC)
I've been about on LJ for a while, and I still can't figure out a lot of the stuff.

Never mind....

Jul. 30th, 2007 01:45 pm (UTC)
HB! Good to see you! (And how nice is it to see JB's smiling face first thing in the morning. Good taste in icons, my dear.) Yeah, LJ is..excitingly challenging...yeah, that's the ticket. I think I may explore the divine Ms L's advice, seen above, about downloadable clients. I'll check with Best Beloved to see what hoops I have to jump through on our computer to do so.
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