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Sons and Drugs and Rock and Roll
My wonderful, talented, funny, bright, frustrating and rewarding son isn't always known as First Born. Sometimes he's known as Andy.

As Andy, he's been involved in music pretty much full time (on an unpaid basis, dangit) since he was 14-15 or so. He's good. Good all around; sings beautifully, harmonizes as if it's second nature, plays guitar like whoah, plays the studio pretty damned well, too. And he writes some truly quality music.

Although he made an amicable break with his longtime band Still Not Sexy to pursue local theater a while back, he's continued writing and working with friends from the band and elsewhere. Recently, SNS went on some sort of extended hiatus and at least one other member joined Andy and a third songwriter to start the band Modern History.

I haven't heard a lot of Modern History's work yet because they're stil so new, but I can attest to the energy and talent Andy and others bring to the table. And that's not just Mom talking; SNS and Andy's work in it while the band was active, impressed the hell out of me as a former chicksingerinarocknrollband. They, and he, Didn't Suck. I'm betting that's going to be the case with Modern History as well.

Tonight at 6 p.m. Chicago time, you can hear members of the band in an interview, talking about the band, their music, and probably a lot more, at Chicago's fearlessradio.com. (Check here for a rather dry biography, and to tune in.)

I'll be tuning in, and I'm hoping to hear some of their initial pieces.

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