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Seasonal Smiles

It's Beginning to Smell A Lot Like -     
     Yes, I am, in fact, using a version of that tired old seasonal entree for this post.  Because it does smell a lot  like Christmas, here at Casa kaffyr.  It certainly smells absolutely wonderful in here, all piney and forest-y, and I think that smelling like Christmas is almost more important than looking like Christmas.
     The wonderful aroma comes from a long-needled pine tree  (long-needled, but short in stature because I insisted) sitting in the living room, its limbs settling before we start decorating it tomorrow. I'm not used to long-needled pines, but BB has gone with short-needled trees for 20 years, gamely giving up his own childhood type of tree; it was high time we gave him his due.
     It isn't perfect; its hind end looks rather as if it had hiked itself up and hadn't realized how high it had pulled its rear hem, but it doesn't matter. As every Christmas tree that ever came into our house has been, it's the best tree ever. And we'll probably turn that side to face the corner anyhow. Heh
.      And I can't tell you how glad I am to see this little, undecorated thing sitting in the living room. We none of us have felt very festive recently, and we don't realistically have the money to buy presents for each other, or the time (or energy) to make them for each other. And I felt, at times, as if I'd be dragging BB and FB along unwillingly with me if I unilaterally decided that There Would Be Christmas! Damnit!
     So I asked them. Pause, while your humble scribe whups herself upside the haid for not thinking of that earlier ... anyhow, they both said yes to Dinner and Decorations. So this morning I picked up the phone and invited our oldest friends over for a buffet Christmas dinner, and this afternoon, we went to our regular tree lot and picked out the best Christmas tree ever. And, since the tree lot is next to one of the finest fish and chips places on Chicago's north side (props to the Fish Keg, yo!) we also went in and got our traditional post-Christmas-tree-pickin'-meal. MMMMmmmm clams and hush puppies and scrod. Oh, stop twitching.
     So, yeah. Emo old broad is feeling a lot better today.
Tags: holiday fun, home stuff

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