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Dr. Who, Haiti

Words for There Are No Words
     Like you, I have read of, and watched, Haiti's agony in the aftermath of this week's earthquake. Like you, I have donated what I could to the effort to help ease that agony. (The rather comprehensive list of donor recipient organizations here at Huffpost helped me; they might help you as well.)
     I hope to be able to donate more, monetarily, once the bills are paid. In the meantime, I'm taking part in a fandom auction to help Haiti recover. This is a multi-fandom effort, with creative types auctioning words, editing/beta skills, art, etc. in in return for money to be sent to aid organizations. The faq on their front page could help explain better than I'm doing.
     I'm offering two Whoniverse stories, for a starting bid of $5, and you can find the rest of my specific bid information here. But if you're an anime fan, if you're a Gilmore Girls fan, if you're a fan of damned near anything, you can probably find someone willing to write/draw/serve you if you win their bid.
     Skiffy and niche pop-culture fans of all stripes rarely stint when asked for help, even when their wallets might be a little thin. It's reason #3,976 why I love fandom. Doctor Who fandom and its fanfic writing community, in which I've most recently been active, is no different. I'm glad.

Tags: doing good, dr. who, fandom, fanfic

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