kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Deciding to be Happy

Being Sour's a Losing Game
     Says the woman who decided, upon being visited by at least one cherub of her better nature, not to get upset about missing the monthly mortgage deadline by two hours and having to add $90 to the payment.
     Says the woman who decided to stop being upset about the Great (and unsuccessful) Pharmacy Hunt for BB's meds ("no, we don't have enough here for a full fill, and we can't give a partial because it's a controlled substance ... let me check ... no, they don't have 'em there ... let me check ... yeah, they have them in the next town over ... good luck!" "Oh. No, we don't have enough brand name med ... no, we just checked with your insurance ... long story short? They decided not to pay for generic ... yeah, just decided this year ... so, yeah. Sorry.")
     Says the woman who decided - ultimately, eventually, after ice cream and "Up" courtesy of FB - not to get exercised by the sewer backup that might have flooded the furnace, had BB and FB not noticed. The backup that will require more plumbers to come in, and take up portions of the carpet to get to the pipe, to rod out the sewer, which was not clogged by us, but by three floors above us. Which should have been rodded out every six months ... oh, it's a long story.

     But you know? Life isn't bad, chez CasaKaffyr, says the woman who's thinking of Haiti. Yeah. Not gonna bitch.
Tags: comedy, family, home stuff, life in the circus

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