kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Hell, Plumbing Division

Down With the Back Up

Do not — do not —  speak to me of plumbing.
  • My home smells like a septic tank.
  • The "waste water" was oh, so much more.
  • To get to an access point, they had to tear up the floor, because the previous plumbers cemented over the pipe they'd put in. For, you know, access.
  • The carpet is cut up, wet, and peeled back in the hall.
  • The cats are traumatized.
  • As they searched for possible starting points for our problems, the new professional plumbers found out that one of the building's water heaters is leaking.
  • And did I mention that my house smells like a dead civet in a drainpipe?
Tags: carpet, evil shit, life in the circus, plumbing, what fresh hell
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