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The Maple Leaf Forever

G'Oh Canada!

I am ridiculously proud of being Canadian right now.

It's ridiculous, because I'm always proud of being a Canadian.

Ridiculous, because I'm not athletic in the least. In fact, I mistrust the culture of sports worship.
Ridiculous, because I know how awful Olympic politics can be, how overheated and chemically-suspect the athletic events are. Ridiculous because so much in the world - war, injustice, scientific progress, the fight for good - demands my attention and heart, and an athletic event is way, way down the list, and should be.

And yet ... and yet, I'm so proud of the Olympic Games being in Vancouver. Our country is so beautiful, and we are welcoming the world tonight. The fact that our First Nations were a major part of the ceremonies, and that it was considered proper that they be considered just that - nations - brought tears to my eyes.

Do well, Canada. Treat our visitors well. Compete honorably. Make friends. Be Magnificent.


Feb. 15th, 2010 03:43 pm (UTC)
Do the First Nations have their own teams competing?

Feb. 16th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
No, they don't, which is a valid point to bring up. So, strictly speaking, they aren't completely independent nations. On the other hand, the election of the head of the First Nations organization is a matter of national interest at the end of each term, and is reported in the national news. First Nation policies also affect the policies of the federal government in at least a small way, which is an evolution that emphasizes their increasing political stature. Boatloads of problems, still; tragic problems. Metric tons (and imperial tonnes) of injustice left. But a qualitatively different take on how to approach the first nations. Then again, Canada is a smaller country in terms of population, with larger discrete First Nation political groupings, so there's more room for us to take those views. In the U.S. the First Nations are more fragmented, perhaps?

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