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Natal excellence

New York Girl
     Well, not really, not totally. She came to the city from elsewhere on the coast, heading to Gotham to forge a life in theater.
     She's still in the theater world, if not where she thought she'd be. And she's not stopping there; she's got plans that will take her beyond that world and into others.
     She's an actress, she's a savvy office operator, she's a singer. She's a student, and a teacher. She's a writer, she's a lover of goofy things like British TV and science fiction. She's a good listener, and a giver of excellent advice. She's got wit, and charm, and kindness, and ferocity, and red hair.
     She'll get where she plans to go because she's got energy, and determination, and talent.
     She'll get there with a chorus of friends and loved ones cheering her on, because shes the kind of person who attracts friends and people who love her.
     And I'm one.
     Happy Birthday, lyricalviolet ! I wish there were more people in the world like you, but I'm sure glad there's at least one of you!
Tags: birthdays, dr. who, family, fandom, good people, interesting people
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