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Inertial Dampener
     Here's how it worked.
     I developed a headache sometime between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. I then ate the wrong thing, or not enough of the right thing, and the headache kept going. I decided against going for the big anti-pain guns because ... well, because. I have a bet going with myself.
     So. Where was I? Right. Headache.
     Watched television because that was easier than thinking with the the pain. Realized, of course, that one shouldn't watch television when one is in pain, but the inertia that flowed from a warm cat sitting on my lap, and flicking between "Twister" on one channel (I love that movie) and Rachel Maddow (who I believe should be one of my best friends, but to tell her so would be gauche, I think you'll agree) further slowed my thought processes, so that the option of turning off the screen didn't occur to me.
     The pain leveled up (and would our grandparents even understand such a phrase in their youth? No. Of course not, but then I won't understand the language of my grandchildren if it comes streaming out of the fog of the future into my ears at this moment) but I'd be damned if I was going to haul out the big guns.
    So I thought about writing a quick post before admitting defeat and going to bed. What to write, what to write?
    I let my fingers think for me, and the phrase "inertial dampener" flowed from them as a title. (Actually, my fingers first typed intertial, and I had to decide whether I really wanted to type "interstitial" or "inertial." The final decision was as you see above.
     And then I realized that a) I didn't think that had much to do with my own sense of inertia and b) I didn't rightly remember (or perhaps know in the first place) what an inertial dampener was. So I decided to go to Infoplease and type the phrase into their encyclopedia search.
     Among the items returned to me, courtesy the search results:
  • Mach's principle;
  • mass, in physics;
  • heaves (which is, by the way a name for chronic pulmonary emphysema in horses. I must tell BB.);
  • aviation medicine;
  • space medicine (which is even better, one assumes);
  • the general theory of relativity;
  • the anti-Vietnam War movement;
  • and the Ugandan economy.
     I love the Internet. Thank you, and goodnight. And I'm sorry I didn't get to the editing, but really, look at this. I mean, look at it. I'm not worth a toss tonight. Really.
Tags: comedy, cultural dissonance, home stuff, life in the circus, pain
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