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Carpet and Concrete (and Plumbing, oh My!)

The Dust, It Adds Texture to the Doughnuts.

I've put my Doris and Alistair icon up, because it's full of sunshine, and domestic peace. And I need both. Unfortunately, I won't have the peace part of the equation for a while, hence the icon need.

Why is my day lacking in peace? Well, for one thing, while it's Friday for most of you, it's Monday for me. By which I mean, the paper is working on a short deadline because of the pending Memorial Day holiday, and my usual Monday deadlines (we're a weekly, remember) falls today. I have three stories to write before about 3 p.m. And I'm trying to do that, check with contacts, and also deal with the other thing that's going on in the house today. And that, my friends is as follows, and is the second thing that makes me desperately long for peace  ....

The long-awaited concrete correction in my hall is underway, with all the dust and dust-covers, and the cat cowerings in the bedrooms that that implies. (Why do I need the concrete in my hall fixed? Just check the tags that read "carpet" or "plumbing" or maybe even "evil shit" and you'll get at least part of the whole sordid and slightly bad-smelling story.) The old badly-laid concrete is up, courtesy of a saws-all, and the doughnuts Bob bought to get us through the ordeal have crunchy, crunchy concrete dust all over them. Yum.

Also? The contractor is a nice guy, a professional craftsman, which I appreciate after some of the yahoos we've experienced, and a good guy. But he's also a talkative believes-in-demons-being-cast-out-and-wants-to-talk-to-us-about-it-and-religion-and-dinosaurs-and-spends-time-asking-us-if-god-loves-gays-why-yes-he-does-says-I-he-loves-all--people-who-love-people-why-the-hell-do-they-want-to-talk-to-me-and-bob-do-we-have-signs-on-our-foreheads sort of guy.

Pleasant guy, though, don't get me wrong. Just ... oh well.

And hence? Doris and Alistair, in domestic bliss, in a quiet and sunshiney garden.

As for me, well ...life in the circus is a never ending dee-light.
Tags: carpet, home stuff, life in the circus, plumbing, reporting

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