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Birthdaze and Bwahz

Hey, there belsum !
Yes,  I completely forgot to wish a happy, happy birthday to a lovely lady, a hep cat, a classy and awesomely rockin' music aficionado, a fine mom to The Captain and The Rani, a Buffy fan, a comics fan (woo-hoo!) and a Member in Good Standing of LINDA. Best wishes, my dear, and may the coming year be the best ever for you!

And now, the "Bwahz" part of the post
The Ten-to-Eleven regeneration has not generated (see what I did there?) quite the amount of armageddangst I'd expected. The change from Uncle Rusty to The Moff? Yeah, just a bit, just enough to make it my civic duty to direct your eyes to this public service announcement over at doctorwho . I just love history, don't you? Especially this brilliant. Thanks to derooftrouser .


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Jun. 1st, 2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you darlin'! Looks like you made it just under the wire. Good journalistic training I'd bet. Heh.

And yeah, what's with all the Moffat hate?
Jun. 1st, 2010 03:22 pm (UTC)
Deadline juggling? (I'm a past master! Hope you got lots of wood wishes, birthday kisses and fun presents, too.)

I snickered my way through the "Dr. Who died" litany. I've heard it so much - and, to be honest, I've probably participated in a few of those Oh Noezes, if only in my head. I plead youth and stupidity ... as for Moff Time Nao? Well, I have serious problems with the way Moffatt writes women, and the way he's presented women through his production and story-arc choices (I really liked "Coupling", found it touching and hilarious by turns, but his problems with women absolutely glare at you from that series, for instance.)

So, yeah, I'm with Jacob when he gripes in his marvelous recaps. But ultimately, I'm also with Jacob in deciding to enjoy the show and understand that Moffatt loves it just as I do, any perceived flaws on his part notwithstanding.

Jun. 1st, 2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
I loved the repeated "breaking the irreplaceable magic between companion and Doctor". Probably should have used that one for Rose. And Donna. *snort*

I never did see Coupling so I have no past experience to build upon. But I do find it odd: normally in these sorts of situations I can at least see the offending behavior/writing/presentations/whatever and then I just choose to ignore them because I don't care. I'm really a very easy fan. It takes a LOT to push me over the edge and piss me off. However in this instance I don't even see the so-called problems with women, feminine characterizations, blah blah blah. Honestly, it looks to me like the "In Moffat We Trust" thread needs to just be renamed "Bitterness in the TARDIS" because thoughtful dialog has long since ceased to take place. I don't know why I keep lurking in there...

As far as Jacob's recaps go, I don't read them. It's not because of his attitude about the show. I didn't read them last season either. Or the season before. They're just too damn long. I'm at work with varying degrees of deadlines and I generally get a couple of pages read in a day and that's what? Like one quarter of a *short* Jacob recap? So I don't even bother anymore. It was the same with his BSG ones. The same with his True Blood ones. I did read the entire American Idol weecaps but they are a) shorter and b) typically lighter fare and actually funny. Heh.
Jun. 2nd, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)
I haven't even visited the Moffat thread, and it sounds like it might be less than pleasant to start now. I don't dislike him horribly, and bashing ... well, it's a toxic sort of thing that rebounds on the basher eventually; after all, no one feels very good after spewing a lot of vitriol.

I think I've gotten more sensitized to sexism as I've gotten older, which is a bit of a surprise to me. I think one is supposed to mellow as one grows older, and instead, I've found myself a tad radicalized. Until I hit my 50s, I figured a lot of the complaints I heard were just over the top and humorless. Now, for some reason, I notice things, and Moffat's got what seems to me to be an inability to interpret male-female roles and, more importantly, male-female relationships except in very narrow erotic or amatory way. He sometimes appears very uncomfortable with simple male-female friendship (and that is very definitely a meme he dealt with to the exclusion of almost everything else in Coupling.)

I have to emphasize, though, that it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the talent or passion that Moffat brings to what he's doing, or that I think he's a horrible person, or even a massively unenlightened person. In fact, I think he's incredibly intelligent, perfectly capable of developing interesting female characters (I adore River Song, for instance, and really like Amy). Perhaps my frustration stems from seeing the intelligence, the intellectual brilliance not go as far as it could, hampered a bit by a sort of emotional reserve, and this simultaneous feeling of being a bit scared of us strange creatures, and enamored of us, instead of seeing us as, you know, people.

He can write so beautifully, and he so obviously loves Who, that I'll back him all down the line, even as I criticize what I think are some serious flaws. And I also remember that he can be just as much of a kidder, a hoaxer, a genial liar and a mask-wearer as Rusty was, so he could be laughing himself sick at folks like me. As is his right. Heh.

I'm a sucker for dense and lengthy recaps, because I'm a sucker for dense and lengthy anything, with the possible exception of Russian realism. Jacob's love of the numinous and his exploration of the spiritual, plus his personal explorations of everything under the sun sucked me in starting half-way through S1 of Who and from the beginning of BSG. I'm one of those people who, to quote someone on the LINDA thread "Thinks the sun shines out of Jacob's arse." Which would drive him crazy. He has no patience for acolytes. Heh.

Edited at 2010-06-02 06:10 am (UTC)
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