kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Natalities, Belated Edition

Birthdays Last All Year Long
Or at least I hope they do; that way I'll never be late with birthday wishes again. The most recent people I've slighted include:
  • acciochocolate , (June 8) who consistently uses some of the most gorgeous icons it's my pleasure to see on lj. May the coming year provide you with the opportunity to show us more!
  • earlgreytea68  (June 8), who has begun what will undoubtedly be a momentous third decade, and who is a delightful and excellent writer. May 2010 and 2011 be everything you asked for, and allow you to write and read as much as you want!
  • time_converges , (June 11) a dedicated fan of DW, whose love of Donna is a towering thing (hurrah!) and whose Donna-centric fic is like a drink of cool water to read. She and I also share some mutual love of other cool television (BSG, of blessed memory, and Leverage to name just two), and I hope the coming year provides you happiness, creativity and loads of plot bunnies!
  • dark_aegis  (today — I got one right, yay!) whose wonderful DW fiction was among the first I read when I took my first faltering steps into the fandom. I'm chuffed that she's picked up her pen again, and hope the coming year is filled with writing, with enjoyment, and with all the other many things that combine to make a wonderful life.
Happy, happy birthdays to all of you!
Tags: birthdays, dr. who, fandom, good people, interesting people

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