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Updates, updates, updates

Carpets Concluded!
     Weeeell, almost concluded. The area of  dining room and hallway carpet which had to be sliced, torn and generally damaged this past January, as part of Plumbing Hell Redux, has been replaced and repaired. I no longer have to watch my feet in order to keep raggedy carpet edges from tripping me up! Huzzah!
     All that remains is to have the hallway and dining room carpet steam cleaned, to match the nice new carpet that the repair team put in. Oh, and once again, I have to tout Luna Carpets to the skies; they came in and were done in under an hour, and the work was done for less than $200, — a fact our Association undoubtedly loves, since it has to pay for the work. Tomorrow I find a decent cleaning service, and set up an appointment for next week. Yessss!!!!!!
Tags: carpet, home stuff, plumbing, woo-hoo!

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