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Poll: What to do, what to do?

Polls: Procrastination's Enemy or Friend? Discuss ....
So. I'm sitting here, my hands giving me just the tiniest bit of shit (not livid shit, so that's something.) It's late.  I've had a long day, and I plan to go to bed. Tomorrow, I plan to do something creatively satisfying.

Or rather, I'd like to do something creatively satisfying. But I am plagued by lethargy, a scattered thought process, a frighteningly strong urge to procrastinate, and the equally strong (and frightening) urge to do several things at once.

What's that, you say? Keep your damned nose to the grindstone and finish Chapter 14 of Hearts and Moons? Well, that's a reasonable idea. Oh heavens, no, I think I hear someone else say. Do that one shot that's been floating around the inside of your head lately - you know, the one in which you visit the inside of Rory's head. Hmmmm. Look; you know and I know that you're not going to be able to concentrate on actual writing for the next couple of days. Do something else to kickstart yourself.  (I think that voice is coming from my rebellious self.)

I know! I'll look to Teh Intarwebz and my flist, and put up a poll!

Poll #1592060 Help me F'list; You're My Only Hope

Help the woman make up her mind ....

Work on Chapter 14 of Hearts & Moons
Do a Rory One-Shot
Give in and do the 30 day Dr. Who Meme
Think big! Try 1 and 3, or 2 and 3
Something else; I'll explain in a comment

Tags: dr. who, fandom, fanfic, poll

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