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Doctor Who 30 Day Meme

This one should be easy. In fact, I'll be able to keep it to one two items which, for me, is the epitome of stripped down decision making.

Where have we been?
Where are we today?
Day 08 - A Who-related picture that makes you happy

This lovely piece is by the gifted alizarin_skies  and features my favorite Doctor, and my favorite Rose. The artist invests this with whimsy - how could she not, with teddy bears - but it avoids saccharine cutesiness and is instead something gentle and absolutely charming.

Mr. and Mrs. Amy Pond and Rory Williams. (No, no jokes about who took whose name. They are two independent characters and quite capable of working their partnership with the last names they were born with.)

Tags: dr. who, fandom, meme

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