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Doctor Who 30 Day Meme

When does determination to finish something turn into blindly obsessive pathology? I'm not certain, but for the sake of polity let's all cling to the fiction that I haven't yet reached it.

And with that in mind, we return you to the 30 day meme already in progress.
Look to see what has gone before here.

Then let's turn our eyes to ...
Day 10 - A Who-related photo you took

You'll forgive me, I hope, for having had fun with my Action Nine and Action Donna. I played with a backdrop on my laptop (say that  five times fast), picked a couple of shots, then found myself playing with very simple effects.

The result? I'll call it The Tale of Donna and the Ninth Doctor. It's only a story, you see, at least here. But somewhere — once upon a time, maybe, or Across the Void Sea — these two traveled together, and the stories they made trailed after them like a river of stars.
Tags: dr. who, fandom, meme
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