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Doctor Who 30 Day Meme
With Day 11, it gets to be a bit much to put all the previous  links here. So I guess I shall simply get to the meat of the matter, and put a reminder of what's gone before thereafter.
So ...
Day 11 Your Favorite Season (Classic or New)
     This is really quite easy. Despite my adoration of Donna, despite my true love of the Eleventh Doctor, despite my historical delight in revisiting the First Doctor and my love the Third Doctor, Series 1 of the revived new series is my favorite, hands down. Firstly, the joy of seeing Doctor Who come back to the screen - not merely as PBS reruns or glitchy VHS tapes - colored my view of those 13 episodes in 2005. Secondly, Christopher Eccleston. Thirdly? Billie Piper. Fourthly, all the magnificent writers, and that powerful first geyser of emotion and creativity that was Russell T. Davies in S1.

Oh, and there was the little matter of the Ninth Doctor. Never doubted him, never will.

And here is what has gone before, all of which you can find under the handy-dandy meme tag.
Day 01 – Your Favourite Quote ✔
Day 02 – Your Favourite Classic Series Episode ✔
Day 03 – Your Favourite New Series Episode ✔
Day 04 – Your Favourite Doctor ✔
Day 05 – Your Favourite Companion ✔
Day 06 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy ✔
Day 07 – Your Favourite Piece of Music ✔
Day 08 – A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Happy ✔
Day 09 – A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad ✔
Day 10 – A Who-Related Photo That You Took ✔


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Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)
You know, my favourite Doctor bounces around a lot (I think the chap with the bow tie might be on top of that pile currently - it's either him or the one in the question mark jumper) but my Doctor is and always will be Nine.
Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
Yeah, I know what it's like to have a favorite Doctor and have my Doctor. The gentleman in the bow tie, and the one with the velvet opera capes are often faves of mine, but Nine ... is mine. As it were. Ahem.
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