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Dept. of two months of DW memeishness

The (Once and Future) 30 day Doctor Who Meme
You may recall a song Shari Lewis sang with her puppet Lambchop; "This is the Song that Never Ends." I'm reminded of that song - guaranteed to drive adults mad after two minutes - as I return to the 30 day meme. I do have an excuse, because today's entry asks for one's favorite Who-related fanfic. As most folk have found, it's supremely difficult to choose.

I went to my list of favorite stories over at the DW archive A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, figuring I could create a top 10 list. That didn't work. I've favorited  262 stories over there - guys, do you realize how talented y'all are? - and winnowing to 10 was impossible. Instead, I found myself reading at least part of each story again, picking excellence from excellence, then writing something beside the title to remind me of why I loved it. That turned into micro-reviews. It hit me then that I could offer a partial list of recs.

It isn't complete, because it doesn't include those stories I've read on lj that aren't archived on Teaspoon,. It isn't even my complete Teaspoon list. These stories are, I suppose, the Teaspoon offerings that are my personal creme de la creme. They go beyond "favorite" in ways that are impossible to explain, except to say they struck a chord in me that other equally good stories didn't. I also disqualified at least a few stories because I worked on them, lightly or heavily, as an editor/beta, and I didn't want anything on the list in which I was involved.

So, here is:
Day 16 - Your favorite Who-Related Fanfic
World Enough and Time by
ClocketPatch  A story of Romana that's worth its weight in gold.
Wipe The Sleep Out Of My Eyes by
Bagheera  Read this for the heartbreak and triumph of a minor character, Dodo Chaplet.
What Ho, You Dalek Chaps! by
JJPOR  Best Doctor-Jeeves crossover, EVAR.
What country, friends, is this? by
TARDIS_stowaway  A favorite Alt!Nine story (and part of one of my favorite Alt!Nine series, "Illyria")
Waiting by
Yamx  One of the more brilliant, painful, and beautiful timey-wimey pieces I know, courtesy of Nine and Jack.
Valiant by
MeiLin  Best. YearthatWasn't. Ever. No. Shit. With one of the most compelling fleshing out of a minor character I've ever read.
Upon a Time by
AstroGirl  One of my favorite TARDIS stories.
Ulysses by
Rheanna An absolutely frightening and beautiful AU story of Martha post Family of Blood. This is good writing.
Two to Make Peace by
KerrAvonsen Who-Vorkosigan, by one of the best in the DW fanfic business.
Torchwood Goes Watercolor by
Canaan  You want successful crack crossovers? This one's for you. (T-t-t-th-that's all, folks!)
To Please by
Canaan   Possibly the hottest, most emotionally intimate, BDSM OT3 I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
To Be the Wolf by
Amberwind  A favorite of mine in the "Rose is Immortal, and learns to be the Doctor" genre.
Thoughts, Like Threads by
Rachel_Beann  An elegant Bad Wolf fic. Yes, Bad Wolf. Not Rose, not TARDIS. Bad Wolf. 
There was a war (there always is) by
ERNest  Fanfic poetry is almost always dicey. Not this time.
The Wooded World of Worlds by
Lady Yueh   Narnia and the Whoniverse shouldn't mix, but it works in this very, very good story.
The Universe in Gallifreyan by
northernMagic  An exploration of the Gallifreyan language, done flawlessly.
The Turn of the Earth by
samfeasor  Sarah Jane and Rose, but not this world and not our Sarah Jane. It's marvelous.
The Time I've Spent by
Rheanna  Rory and the Doctor talk, and it's good. Very, very good.
The Sanctity Of Ordinary Things by
Raven  This is beautiful; a story, in moments and love, of Nancy, Jamie and Doctor Constantine.
The Ragged Edge by
Jonquil  Bitterly, mathematically brilliant, and wrapped in a short, sharp package. Nine and Rose.
The Pandora Project by
Calapine  I hate Doctor/Master fic with a great big hate. Except for this one. Also, it has a marvelous Martha.
The Madwoman of Bannerman Road by
MinervaFan  This woman writes some of the best Sarah Jane fic out there. This is one of her best.
The Longest Road by
izhilzha  Rory and Amy and the Doctor. This adventure imprinted in my head, and you should read it, too.
The Last First Doctor by
amberite  Best "Rose changes. Everything changes." story that's NEVER BEEN FINISHED! ACK! But read what there is, maybe poke the author.
The Lady and the Temp by
Altariel  Because it's a DW-Vorkosigan crossover. With Donna. And Cordelia. It wins going in.
The Importance of Being Beta-Read by
travels_in_time  Read it. You'll see whai i liek It.
The Imagination of Gaston Leroux by
azriona  Azriona's command of voice and perspective is superb, and her plotting is superlative. Paris, phantoms, two Doctors, and more.
The Garden of the Hesperides by
Paristani  Dense, almost impenetrable, but brilliant for its understanding of names. Also, a second, very different, exception to my Doctor/Master Rule.
The Gap Between Womb and Tomb by
kalima  Because it's cruel, and intelligent, and takes in most all of the Doctors.
The Calm Before the Storm by
Kalleah  Not a Ten fan, me, but this story of loves, a clash of faith and ... faith, and luminescent landscape description stayed with me.
The Boy who Killed Time by
Netgirl_y2k  I normally love this writer for her humor. This is horrifying, and on my favorites list because of that. Ten and Martha.
Take a Little Time by
voodoochild  Post Children of Earth, a story about how Alice becomes Jack.
Synchronicity by
MinervaFan  If you love side characters, back story, Sarah Jane, and emotionally eloquent story-telling, this one's for you.
Status Quo Ante by
Meredith  For everyone who thought The Year That Wasn't would reverberate, and wanted an eloquent, mercilessly kind story of that.
Some Are Boojums by
Amy Wolf  When I want frightening, and reminding that the Doctor is sometimes horrible, this is one I revisit.
Sohcahtoa by
Petra LeMaitre  The OT3 in as alien, and dry, and entertaining, a way as possible.
Slipping by
amberite  Amberite doesn't write much DW fic any more. I wish she did, because this "Alien sex is alien" story has stayed with me for years.
Sic Semper Tyrannis by
Meredith One of the best Harriet Jones stories I've read, with added Doctor smack-down.
Seven Days That Shook Captain Jack's Pants by
RedScharlach   I can't tell you why I laugh at Torchwood crack so much. Maybe it's the Rift.
Seed Pearls by
HonorH  HonorH is very good. She writes an inventive, believable tale of  Rose and the man who won her. It's not the Doctor.
Run by
Katrine  Short, clean and hard to get out of the mind; Rose copes.
Right at Home by
sahiya Three DW-Vorkosiverse stories? Yes. Because Sahiya's outing has the manic energy and wit that such a crossover demands.
Revelation of the Aubertides by
Vali  The Tenth Doctor, Romana, pirates; grief, timelines, memory, and the Family of Blood. Read and marvel.
Path of Needles by
TARDIS_stowaway  As good a travel into the Whoniverse by way of the Brothers Grimm as I've ever read.
Passes the Storm by
Camilla Sandman  I keep this by my bed, one of the first fics I ever read. I still cry at the end.
Out of Joint by
HonorH  A dynamic, life-filled crossover with the Firefly!Verse. It works as adventure and much more. Nine, Jack and Rose.
Nights Like This by
Joan Milligan  This story did the impossible; it made me understand how someone could love the Sixth Doctor. And it introduced me to Evelyn.
Necessity  by KerrAvonsen  I've said it before, and will again: one of the best PotW AUs ever, with a Dalek that rocks and rolls.
Mind The Gap by
moonmonkey   I hadn't read Gaiman's "Neverwhere" before I read this Eighth Doctor crossover. The book had to measure up to this when I did.
Memento by
Cathica  Cathica is elegant, deep, inventive, twisted and kind; this story of Rose finding a gift for the Ninth Doctor is an example of her talents.
Long Way for a Shortcut by
Netgirl_y2k  Best. Donna Fix-it. Ever. Also the funniest.
Like the Sea Wind by
Joan Milligan  I don't know Sapphire and Steel, but this makes me want to.
Like In A Fairy Tale by
nostalgia  A long time fan takes on SJA and weaves a short, sadly exhilarating story about Clyde.
Last Train from Iskenderun by
JJPOR  This meticulous and assured writer can take me anywhere. Here he takes me to the past of a passing SJA character, and makes grand adventure.
Kindred Spirits by
RobinC Brief, sweet and sharp. Eleven, ca. "The Lodger."
Killing Rose by
Cathica  The best writers can sometimes be those who can take the darkness and make us understand it, even catch its gleam. Jack, Nine and Rose.
Jackie's Strength by
unfolded73  I love Jackie Tyler. So does this writer, and she does it well.
It Also Travels Through Time by
PencilGuardian  Nine and an archaeologist. It's dense and carefully observed and well worth reading.
In the Moment by
JJPOR  Another one by JJPOR, this one making me feel the Fourth Doctor for the first time, and love Romana again.
In The End by
Sarah This wasn't Rory's fate, thank god, but this is brilliant none the less.
In Human Hands by
rallalon  It's "In Human Hands." That's why.
In A New Form, Broken Form by
StrandedOnEarth  I adore the Third Doctor, and this story gets under his skin in a beautiful way.
Humans by
rosa_acicularis  From one of the most frightening NuWho episodes comes a gorgeous, poignant collection of character sketches.
Home by
ClocketPatch  This writer takes my favorite Doctors, the Third and the Ninth, and brings them together in an inventive and heart-wounding way. It's fantastic.
Hey, Soldier by
Sigyn  An unusual take on the fate of Stephen, in Children of Earth. Proof that wish-fulfillment in fanfic needn't be bad writing.
Hey Now Hey Now by
Cryptile  This one's hard and inevitable. Rose learns the price of being changed by an alien and a cold universe.
Heartbeats by
nonelvis  This one is worth it for everything, but especially the last sentence. Eight to Nine, via a Sandman crossover.
Happily Ever Afters (Are Not Your Absolution) by
Camilla Sandman  Two of my favorite worlds, DW and BSG, become one, and it's done seamlessly. Ten and Martha.
Handler by
MinervaFan  Beautifully done femslash involving the redoubtable Jo and my beloved Harriet. It works in a lovely way.
Good Night by
rosa_acicularis  One of the best uses of dream/nightmare imagery it's been my nervous pleasure to read. The Doctor and Martha and more.
Going Forward, In All Her Beliefs by
Lurky McLurklurk  I wish the author had gone forward with a sequel. Rose, Ace, Mickey and more.
Ghosts of Me by
genagirl  If you love Owen, and even if you don't, read this for its embrace of grace, salvation and love.
From This Day to the Ending of the World by
icebluenothing  This is a solid story, elevated like whoah by the Time War imagery with which it opens.
From the Canyons to the Stars by
Elliptic Eye  Stunning desert images as a backdrop for a believable Fourth Doctor and an equally believable Leela.
Fanboy by
HonorH  Jack writes Nine/Rose smut; hilarity ensues, and we are all reminded that the best fans can poke fun at themselves.
Falls the Shadow by
Nemo the Everbeing  This may be my favorite story ever featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace. It's heart-breaking - and lifting - breathless, inventive adventure.
Fairytale by
schildkroet  This story of Mickey and the Eighth Doctor, and the relationship that almost happens, shouldn't work and very nearly doesn't. But it does.
Every Time You Tell It by
Kittenmommy  A subtle, EveryCompanion's-eye view of travel with the Doctor, told in first person.
Et in Arcadia Ego by
Amy Wolf  One of the best imaginings I've ever read of how a Time War battle might go. It's frightening and breathlessly dynamic.
Endgame by
schildkroet  Canon may change, god knows, but it doesn't negate this gorgeous story of the last lady president of Gallifrey. Steel as it bends and breaks.
Elementia by
Cathica  This inventive collection of Ninth era sketches is beyond well-crafted, beautifully sketched, deeply felt, and brutally lyrical; it's a masterpiece.
Electric Blue by
Philomytha  Again with the Whoniverse-Vorkosiverse crossovers! This time it's the Eleventh Doctor, Rory and Amy, and again I say to you: go, read.
Echoes by
agapi42  Rose and Harriet, or their ghosts, on Woman Wept. It's distant, evocative, chilling and warming, all at the same time.
Dwelling on Might Have Beens by
Maymargaret  There's something comforting and sturdy - rather like Harry - about this tale of how Harry and Benton deal with the Year that Wasn't.
Don't Know When by
karaokegal  A story of Algy and Jack, and how Jack comforts Algy at more than one point in his life. It's touching and respectful.
Decanted Memories by
amberite  Again, Amberite explores the mind and heart, this time in a twisty adventure in the halls of Jack's, Rose's and the Ninth Doctor's memories.
Companionable Silence by
AstroGirl  This is a story in which Jabe doesn't die, and the Ninth Doctor is her friend. It's as quiet and lovely as its own prose.
Come To Dust by
Cryptile  The first sentence of this, and the last, have stayed with me since reading. Rose Tyler grows and learns the universe.
Clothes and the Man by
KindKit   This short, dignified, and beautifully constructed vignette of one of the Third Doctor's acquaintances is a kick, in the best possible way.
Cartographers by
Calapine  This is a finely crafted story of many Doctors' companions, and how they cope with being on a Stolen Earth, before Journey's End.
Blue Roses by
nostalgia  This may have been my first NuWho favorite. It's poetic, eloquent and well constructed; and it introduced me to the name of the Blue Rose.
Blue Moon by
Primsong   Ian and Barbara dance. It's affectionate, diffident, and true, and sees with stars in its eyes, just as they did.
Belle de Jour by
Chase820  The only story of Rose, the Doctor and Reinette that ever rang true; and boy, does it ever. Maturity, with bonus TARDIS!Sarah Jane for added chills.
Battlelines by
JJPOR  If JJPOR doesn't finish this engrossingly real tale of the Brigadier, and what happens after "Battlefield," I shall scream.
At the Going Down of the Sun and in the Morning… by
JJPOR On the other hand, he gives us this "Family of Blood" epilogue with Timothy and Edwardian Torchwood. It sings.
At Last by
ThetaSigma  Call me a schmoop, but I can't not love this story, drabble-ish length, of Tosh and Owen's final meeting.
Antifreeze by
Calapine   For having Death call the Doctor a "little semi-ephemeral leftover," this story makes my list.
Annotation by
nostalgia  Rose dreams, perhaps, and it's the richest sort of nightmare. One of my earliest  fanfic reads, and still a favorite.
And Seven For a Secret by
Aeshna  Cross "Guns of Navarone," Nazi Torchwood and Jack Harkness; you might get this, but not as well written.
And Is There Honey Still For Tea? by
uktechgirl   The only Five/Turlough story on my list; it's good enough to make me understand, Turlough.
Afterlife Romance on a Train by
Bubbles San  Another "Tosh and Owen's Afterlife" story. It balances easily on the knife edge between whimsy and twee, and is worth the read.
A Thousand Languages by
MadLori    One of the only stories I've read and loved, in which Rose spends an entire life with the Doctor. It works because it's wise, and unblinking.
A Moment in Time by
Eledhwen   Eledhwen imagines the story of Susan, and weaves it into what we know of The End of Time. The connection is seamless.
A Gentleman of the Universe
Stressfactor  Wilf is remarkable. He deserves a fine ending and a fine story; he gets them both here.
. . . Who Burned Like Starfire by
Nemo the Everbeing  Once again, a note-perfect rendering of Ace's epiphany about the Seventh Doctor, and how she stands her ground after it.
Bliss by
DameRuth  And finally, my favorite OT3 series ever, by a writer who combines emotional perspicacity with scientfically-honed observational skills, writing-fu and wit.

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