kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Hello again, Belated Birthdays, Plumbing. Again.


  • I remembered that I can post about something other than DW story recs, although that's been enjoyable in the extreme.
  • I remembered, to my shame, that I had forgotten the birthday of an old friend. Hi, doclnghair  - I'm hoping that your birthday was fabulous, and that you don't mind a belated wish from Chicago. May your year be good, and creative, and peaceful.
  • I got back to my first full work week in two weeks, and labored mightily on behalf of my employers. Well, perhaps not mightily, but with a certain energy.
  • I avoided massive depression over a new sewer backup that has afflicted us since mid-week. Yes, it's directly caused by the idiot plumbers we suffered more than two years ago - the evil that men do does in fact live, and smell slightly whiff, after they leave. However, the problem did not result in dirty carpets. (That is oh, so good, because if the carpets we got cleaned two weeks ago had been sullied by anything, I believe I would have started biting the heads off whippets.) And BB talked to the Good Plumbers - who were called out by the association because of ongoing sewer screw ups in the building caused by (you guessed it) the Old Bad Plumbers. The Good Plumbers told him he could buy and install a float valve at the latest point of seepage, and probably be OK.  BB had to take our washer apart to find said point of seepage in the floor underneath the washer, but find it he did, and properly plug it he also did. And we both tackled the association and got them to schedule, for as soon as bloody possible, like within 48 hours,  the regular building system rodding that we've been telling them for Way Too Long has to be done every six months or less, but do they listen? No they do not, at least not until the furnace room is backed up with stuff I won't talk about because ... ewww .... where was I? Oh, right. Plumbing problem should be on the way to being fixed, and we'll do a final swab out of the laundry room. And then, please all the lords of chance, it'll be over. Because I think everything that the Old Bad Plumbers installed all those years ago has now failed, and been fixed. That surely means an end to it, right? *whimpers*
  • I made bread. That nice fresh-baked smell almost cancels out the plumbing whiff. MMMmm plumbing baked bread.
Tags: birthdays, home stuff, interesting people, plumbing, work

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