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My thanks to all of you who offered prayers, thoughts and friendship to BB yesterday.*
Here's the situation. Doctors did an endoscopy, pushing a tube through his mouth into his stomach, and found a point of haemmorhage just past the major point of the stomach, in the duodenum. The gastroenterologist clipped (small metal clips) to help stop the bleeding, although that was difficult because of the position, and because there was still too much blood in the stomach for him to see clearly (this, after 1.5 litres of it were suctioned out.) He also injected the stomach with something to make make the bleeding stop. BB stayed stable through the night in ICU, although they had to give him more blood (total units to date, four; not so bad.) His blood pressure went up too high, then came down, his hemoglobin counts appear as this morning to be reasonable. I stayed with him last night; came home, fell into bed about 11:30 a.m. and meant to get up at 1:30. Woke up at quarter to four. Ack. I'm heading back to the hospital — he's still in the ICU — to spend a few hours, then, depending on the situation, will come home, sleep, and try to get a four hours of work done for my boss tomorrow morning. If the lords of chance are willing, we'll bring him home tomorrow night. I'm betting Saturday is more likely, but keep your hopes up.

Again, I can't say how grateful we are for your
thoughts, and the one thing I did before going comatose this morning was give some sort of answer to each of you who commented here. Even that doesn't begin to cover it. Friends old and new, you made yesterday that much easier to bear.

And K? I can see his lips again. He's positively ruddy.

For him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you all
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