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Alright, OK, Alright, OK
Let's see. It's Monday. What have I done?
  • I remembered to breathe all last night. That was good.
  • I got up in time to greet the plumbers here to do the building's massively needed cleanout. That was good. (Especially since I talked to them before the building prez; he's ... less than effective when it comes to plumbing stuff. Also, I learned that they need to access part of the system through our hallway, and I was able to put up what I hope will be carpet protection for that. )
  • I'm dressed, heels and all, for an interview I have to do today at 1 p.m.; I've put a "I'm not very 'in' this week" message on my office phone; I've let my boss know I'll give him a smaller load of stories this week, probably. So that's good.
  • I talked to Bob. Now the cardiologists are keeping him in, because of "changes" they saw in those tests from yesterday. I need to get there as soon as possible, to find out more WTFness is going on. I can't deal with it over the phone. So that's ... not good. But we'll deal with it.
Tags: family, home stuff, hospital, work, worry, wtf?

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