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Dept. of Kept On Swimming

At Some Point, You Just Start Laughing
  • So, we're still waiting for one more piece of battery cable harness to be delivered from Ford to Smitty's Auto. Because the "fix" they did on one of the battery cables didn't. And the new battery continues to be drained, and starting the car after more than an hour or two of being off is a near-impossibility. Not quite impossible, but ... yes, yes, I want. My. Car. Fixed. *goes, looks at the intriguingly red-tinged checkbook. Sighs*
  • Aaaand then I walk over the carpet directly above the access pipe placed in our hall. It's wet. It's someone's laundry water, complete with a delicate froth of suds. Twenty-five seconds of complete, bone-melting panic ... then we check: no water coming up in the laundry room. No water coming up in the furnace room.  On to the building's furnace room, site of so much, uhm, crap over the last few months - nope, no water, sludge or worse there. So, OK, that's not bad. The requisite call to the Good Plumbers, the requisite call to the condo association - and both respond without a hitch, with an appointment tomorrow, and a check with which to pay for said appointment. And, yes, in answer to your unvoiced question - the problem goes right back to The Plumbers From Hell of years gone by. If I could hunt them down and do them harm, I would. You doubt me? Come over and look at my hall floor, and doubt no further.
  • And then? I got some work done. And then Bob kissed me, and I hugged him. And my son came home with the Fender Esquire (a 1 pickup modern copy of the precursor to the Telecaster) that one of his friends got him for his birthday  - pause here for complete and utter happy and bewildered crogglement, Evan, you are just amazing - and father and son bonded over really loud chords. And I watched Project Runway (still watching, actually), and am cheering on four talented young designers. And I talked to my mom and vented, and made her laugh. And I vacuumed the dining room. What, you think that doesn't make me happy?
  • So, yeah. Not too bad, all told. But the car had better be fixable tomorrow, or I shall weep large and salty tears.
Tags: carpet, life in the circus, lovely things, plumbing, project runway
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