kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Medical Update

Tomorrow is Barreling Toward Us

So, tomorrow, Bob's scheduled to have the final procedure done on his stomach, the one which should allow him to go back to eating real food. And I'm worried. I'm worried, because I'm not sure whether it should be an outpatient procedure, but everyone's proceeding (see what I did there?) as if it will be.

Part of me thinks I couldn't stand it if he had to stay in hospital even one night. Another part of me fears that, even with a month of healing, this procedure is going to start the bleeding again, and why the hell aren't they doing this as an inpatient thing, and I'm hitting myself over the head for determinedly ignoring all this until the last minute. So, spare him some good thoughts, folks, if you will.

After this, if everything goes well, we deal with finding out what the doctors want to do with the benign spots on his right lung. Bob's looked at the tests and they seem to indicate some sort of fungus. The problem is, he hasn't been able to get hold of the pulmonologist  who ordered the tests, so he hasn't been able to get a better explanation of causes, and options. It didn't help that he got a call from the office of the surgeon who took out the spots on his left lung last year, and we haven't the slightest idea who asked the surgeon to call us. Was it his regular doctor, for some unknown reason, or the pulmonary doc, for some unknown reason? They haven't bothered to tell us. And, while it might end up being some incredibly normal, understandable, explainable thing, no one's explained it.


Suppose I ought to go bed, huh?

Yeah. Sounds good.
Tags: family, home stuff, hospital, worry
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