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Twice in a Row? Really?

Really. But only because I thought about this day's meme entry and realized I had nothing brilliant to say. Blather, on the other hand ....

Day 20 - The Character Who Is Most Like You

First, shouldn't that be "The Character You're Most Like"? Second, I haven't the slightest clue.

Really. I love watching the show, but I don't find myself consciously identifying with the characters, or at least not much. This is a fantastic world, the Whoniverse, and I love watching it, and reading it, and playing with some of the concepts explicit or implicit in it, but - and I fully acknowledge my empathy bone might be broken - I've always been happier to be an observer than to insert myself into it. I'm a reporter, after all.

I adore watching these fictional people, but I don't inhabit their inner worlds.

I can more easily tell you who I'm not like: I'm not in the least like the Doctor, I'm not Jack; I'm not Martha, or Harry, nor Ian or Barbara, not Rose or Donna, definitely not Liz or Ace or Sarah Jane. I'm neither Adric nor Turlough, Dodo nor Susan. Nor am I the Master, or any iteration of Cyberman, Dalek, Silurian, or Maccra. Small favors, and all that.

If I'm pushed, though, and with the caveat that my choice would undoubtedly be different tomorrow, I guess, I could say I'd be able to identify with Tegan Jovanka in a pinch. Someone who's loud and rude, but not completely secure, someone who didn't plan on being in the TARDIS, and someone who responded with horror and sorrow to the death and violence inherent in the adventures. Like her, I think I'd eventually leave because the negatives outweighed the positives. (Of course, identifying with a character isn't the same as noticing that a character is a lot like you, or that you're like a certain character.)

The only other character I can think of that reminds me a bit of me is over in another corner of the Whoniverse completely; Gwen Cooper. I'm not stupid, but often foolish, brilliant by accident, and far too impulsive, but I can get angry and curious, and stubborn, and I'd like to think that when my friends need me, I'll step up.

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