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Updates, updates, updates

Relief and Careful Glee
Had to put that up there in large letters, oh, just because I rather enjoy the thought of big letters tonight. And it has to be in purple and pink. Not because I'm a Barbie cultist, you understand.

I just like the bloody colors. I'm an adult, a mature, responsible adult. And I'm taking a very mature stand:  colors should not be disdained or single-eyebrowed at simply because Mattel has entered an unholy alliance with Monstrous Gender Cultural Dimorphism and dressed its blasphemous get in them.

OK, so now all about the relief.

1) BB got the second letter. He's official! We have stability at Casa KaffyrBob! Words cannot say more, or better, not now, when the wordsmith is bopping on her little ergonomic chair, with loud music in her ears, watching a grey haze gradually dissipate from her inner sight....

2) Project Runway is my crack of choice. I, who cannot sew a straight line - it's a religious thing - love the show. I think Tim Gunn is magnificent. I think Michael Kors should be dressed in a brown polyester suit (ill-fitting) and kicked to the curb.

3) First Born tried out for two community theater plays at a local university, and got a call back on both of them. He is happy, and he deserves the call back. Among his many talents is that he's an incredibly good actor. And I like seeing the spark in his eyes again.

4) There is no No. 4.

Tags: life in the circus, meanderings
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