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Dept. of While I Wasn't Paying Attention

I've Been Doing Stuff. No, Really.

  • I actually put up my own stocking over at fandom_stocking. I'd filled a couple of stockings (hey, it's fun!) and then figured I could put my own up without feeling guilty. (Yes, I know it's not supposed to be a quid quo pro thing, but I can't help it; I'm hardwired that way.) Soooo, if y'all are interested, you have the links.
  • I've been putting on my Condo Association President hat, and trying to get used to its weight before I have to keep it on, come January.
  • I've been very happy at the DADT repeal. As rm  noted here, it's not enough. Still, I'm absolutely croggled that it actually passed. (And having an even harder time accepting the fact that I have to thank Joe Lieberman at least in part for this. The man makes me break out in hives, but I'll grant him his very rare due.) So much has been written about it that I'll keep my comment to About Damned Time.
  • I finished Chapter 14 of "Hearts and Moons" and will get cracking on Chapter 15. Hey, fellow fic writers; do you ever run into the problem of having initially titled a story something, because you thought the story was going to be one thing - only to find it has turned into something else, and you realize the title you gave it has become less and less relevant, and is now only useful as a label for "that fic I'm writing now"? Do you ever consider changing the title, at least after the entire thing has been completed?
  • I took the plunge and joined the "Nine Verse" project, in which a group of fans of the Ninth Doctor are attempting to create a virtual second season with Nine, rather than Ten, and which is not a re-telling of the existing S2. I am in awe of the organizers of this effort, and want to do my best. That includes making deadlines (ohgodohgodohgodohgod), so the 15th chapter of "Hearts and Moons" may take a temporary back seat, since the next Nine Verse deadline is next month.
  • I've been trying to become enterprising at work. (kaffyr, girl reporter, FTW!!!) With two competing news outlets in my tiny beat area, I'd better do that. Galactic Headquarters recently eliminated more titles, and I don't know what the new year holds for us, so I had best make myself as close to indispensable as possible. That also means I've determined that I need to learn more saleable skills: at the very least I need to learn to take non-crappy pictures, master some very, very basic html stuff, and become less than uncomfortable with spreadsheets. I'm counting on people to nag me about this "learn new skills" by the way.
  • I haven't decorated, or sent out a single holiday card.* We are going to have Christmas dinner with our best friends, and I hope to have little gifts for them and for Bob, but that's about it. Money's really tight, and I lack the energy to do home made gifts, unless it's home-baked bread for folks. Or maybe something with chocolate. Hmmmmm ... all of which is to say that I'm enjoying the holidays on my own very, very small terms and working successfully to avoid both stress and "I'm not celebrating or giving gifts" guilt.
  • I'm also trying to learn a voice-activated writing and computer use program that BB installed on my computer. My hands are going through enough forms of variegated hell that I can foresee days when being able to speak, rather than type, cold come in handy.
And there you have it, and me, for now.

*I got one from time converges, which was a particularly lovely surprise, and I hope to send you a return card from the Windy City.
Tags: fandom, fanfic, holiday fun, home stuff, life in the circus, reporting, rights for everyone, work, writing

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