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Dept. of People are Lovely

No Need for Ribbons or Bows - a Stocking is Sufficient

Especially when it's something as wonderful as fandom_stocking . I hung one of my own there, and found lovely things in its toe (and all the way up.)

Thank you, joking , for your jewel-like vignette about the TARDIS; to sahiya , for a romantic OT3 story that filled my senses and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, jjpor  for a hilarious observation about just how not to remain low-profile at a party,  to yamx  for a whole bunch of brilliance, wit, and myth packed into a few well chosen words, and to wendymr  for a double drabble that keeps my favorite OT3 together longer than they were originally allowed to. Each of the stories can be accessed over here, and they all deserve to be read, smiled and marveled, at or just generally enjoyed.

Gleeful thanks to lindenharp , who created the wonderful 0T3 icon I used on this very post, and to the remarkable infiniteviking , who gave me my very own sketch of the Third Doctor - woo-hoo! I also tip my hat to idleleaves , twinsarein , and noveltea  for sparkly, cheerful and colorful holiday graphic greetings.

The intriguingly named enochiansigils  gave me an IOU for a Torchwood fic, bless her, and I know I'll like it. Fellow Three, Nine and Eleven fan curuchamion  sent me holiday wishes, as did the admirably Antipodean st_aurafina , and the awesome canaana.

I wrote stories for dameruth , infiniteviking , yamx  and ravenskyewalker , and hope to be cross-posting them here and elsewhere over the next day or so. And I must thank each one of you for allowing me to give back, even a very tiny little bit, this season.

Thanks to all of you for making the fannish portion of my holidays extra shiny!

Tags: dr. who, fandom, fanfic, good people, holiday fun, lovely things

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