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Dept. of Recovery

The Stomach: Threat, or Menace?
So, last night was supposed to be date night for BB and I. Romance has been at a premium lately, and we wanted some time to remedy that. Unfortunately, the only remedy I got to enjoy was Pepto-bismol.

God, I hate stomach bugs. Nothing like losing one's supper, and not have one's body immediately realize it. "Whups, she hasn't lost her last meal yet ... better convulse again!" Three damn times. Yup. And the worst of it is that it completely put me off a perfectly lovely faux Asian beef stewish-soupish thing I'd made two nights earlier. It wasn't the food's fault, but just the smell of it ... it's been packed up and placed in the freezer, until some future time in which I can handle the thought of it. Sigh.

Fitful sleep and a completely energy-free day followed, and I only started to perk up as the sun went down. Every time I think I've gotten a run at turning my sleep-wake cycle around, something like this happens. Sucky sleep-wake cycle is sucky.

But to end this on a better note, my Best Beloved has finally been able to wrestle a relatively long-standing browser problem to its knees, or at least negate it for me. I've been fighting an unknown gremlin that would cause the browser to redirect me to sites I had no interest in; 98 percent of the time to Hulu (and 90 percent of that to an ad to watch "Glee") and 2 percent to Twitter. Of course, when I say I'd been fighting it, I meant he'd been fighting it. He used all his considerable computer-fu, and, when that didn't uncover the problem, he went to (and I'm pimping it here because they're pretty darned excellent) bleepingcomputer.com, and they worked determinedly with him to find the problem.

They didn't find it - but Bob finally figured out that he could build me a completely different profile from one of his ... and it excluded whatever had crawled into my own profile to cause the problem. And voila - it's clean! Hurrah!

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