kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Update, update, update

Brainz. I Don't Haz Them.
Gall Bladder, (Healthy/Not Healthy y/n?) I Haz
Also Gullet. (Healthy/Not Healthy y/n?) Yeah I Haz One of Those, Too.

So where are we now?

One stress echo test, set up for Friday.

Yay, questions about my heart. Just ... yay.

One endoscopy, set up for later this month, and one gall bladder ultrasound, set up for ASAP.

Yay, for having a big old tube stuck down my throat to check and see if I have ulcers, duodenitis, or anything else that is causing the constant reflux, acid stomach and inability to eat anything but cottage cheese, low fat milk and eggnogs.
Yay for possible gallstones. Yeah, the doctor just called to say, yeah, uhm ... maybe gallstones, because maybe that's what's causing the constant reflux, acid stomach and etc. etc. etc., even if it's a bit atypical, so ... yes, call ... TOMORROW.

I've lost 13 pounds in 25 days, 6-8 of them in the last 7-8 days. In the not fun way. The real not fun way. And, oh boy, does not eating making your brain work bad. You want OM NOM NOM, and you get ZOMBIE BRANE MAGNIFICENCE.

Oh, the car? The transmission? Haven't been able to get it in. BB's got a miserable cold and I appear to be eroding from the inside. So, not so focused on the transmission.

On the other hand, here's the one thing that made me smile today, courtesy of lindenharp  - a rec for this story, "Trying to Communicate" by sam_storyteller . This is the Best Story EVAR. At least for tonight.

Tags: comedy, evil shit, fandom, fanfic, life in the circus, pain
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