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Threshold of the End ... Doctor the Twelfth

In more than one way, obviously. We've reached the last day but one in this meme.  I've moved with near-geological slowness, but that's generally my MO throughout life (I will, in fact, be late for my own funeral) so I'm not sweating it.

What question have we been asked to answer tonight, hmmmmm?


Who You Think Should be the Next Doctor

This is oh, so simple. Robert Carlyle. I was rooting for him to be offered, and to take on, the role of the Eleventh Doctor, hence my creation of an icon I never actually ended up perfecting, much less using. Ultimately, he accepted a role on Stargate: Universe, Matt Smith took on the role with stellar success, and the icon under construction went back into the vaults.

Now, with SG:U an unmourned mediocrity left in the rubbish tip of television history, Carlyle - whose scrappy intelligence makes him an irresistible actor in my books - is available. My hope is that he'll be available, and interested, in four or five years (yeah, I want Matt around that long.)

And here for my delight - and perhaps yours - are the picture I used as my icon source, plus the half-finished icon. I will also point out that if he ever becomes the Doctor, I'd like him to wear something like the outfit in the image. MMMMmmmm - uh, where were we?


Tags: dr. who, fandom, meme, television

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