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Things I have Done and Thought Lately

(Or, Five Things Make a Post)

In no particular order:
  • I've been thinking about the characters I tend to like in my media fandoms.  I realize that, if there's a female character that large numbers of fans don't like (Gwen Cooper, River Song), I'm very apt to like them. It even extends to shows where I haven't entered the fandom (a couple of police procedural shows where I like female characters who have replaced earlier female characters; in those cases, apparently I am liking the less popular character.)  If there's a male character that large numbers do like, (Ianto Jones, the Tenth Doctor) I tend to find them only occasionally inspiring. This is not cause and effect, obviously; nor is it proof of my taste versus the world's taste (my finer self dutifully rejects the misapprehension my unworthy self has in that regard.) Still, it makes me wonder what I see in characters, or what in my personality draws me to characters or makes them bore me, as opposed to what others see in those characters, or what in resonates with them. In my own case, I don't think it's necessarily the characters themselves, but how I interpret them, what stories I tell myself about them, my internal monologue about them. It probably also has to do with whether I think the actor or actress is doing what I consider a good or bad job, and whether I find the writing for the character boring or compelling. And I suspect that my perception of the writing is more powerful than the writing itself (although that could arguably be said of anyone's reaction to writing, except that I'm leery of such completely subjectivist interpretations.) I'll also point out that my admiration or love for controversial characters doesn't mean I don't like popular characters, because I do (Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith, Romana,) so it can't simply be a cranky contrariness. Or not solely. Does anyone have any ideas? Have any of you experienced any similar reactions in yourself,  to any characters? Ever found yourself in the minority group of lovers or haters? Ever pondered why that's the case? Or am I the only navel-gazer?
  • I really need to purge myself of my zombie dread-fascination thing (not going to use love-hate because, eeeeuuuw.) I can't stop myself from looking at pictures of zombies, or reading stories about them (I should never, ever, ever have read "World War Z",) even though I can't watch most zombie movies, and even the ones I can sort of watch (Sean of the Dead's the only one, come to think of it) I have to leave the room for minutes and scenes at a time. And I repeatedly have unpleasant dreams in which zombies figure. Last night, for example, I was somehow in a television comedy featuring the actress who plays in the comedy about a parks and recreation department, and the whole idea of the show was that she was a zombie who found her zombiness, rotting physique and all,  empowering (cue laugh track), but I kept running away or trying to leave the building where she was, because I knew that any moment now, she''d turn into a real zombie, a mindless one. Who wanted to eat me. This has got to stop. Dead things that move ... dead things that want to eat me ... dead things whose arms fall off ... yeah, gotta purge that shit.
  • I apparently no longer like potato chips. My husband, he of the great potato love, is looking at me sideways.
  • First Born is apparently going to be traveling to Ireland soon (cue Roches tune) with the girlfriend and her family. It will be a great experience. So will the debt into which the trip will undoubtedly plunge him, but I think the trip itself will outweigh that, if he's lucky.
  • Could someone please be on the lookout for my muse? Failing that, could you be on the lookout for the Energy Fairy? I could do with a visit from one or the other.
Tags: fandom, meanderings, self-absorption, silly, writer's block, writing
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