kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of WTF, Live Journal?

So now I don't have access to rich text format at all. Not on either of my computers. LJ's shiny new rich text settings such as font and color and size, and ability to link and cut and suchlike, appear to have disappeared. Unfortunately, I am similarly unable to post in html (largley, I'll admit, because I'm still considerably less than adept at such things, but also because the actual html setting seems to have disappeared, or at least any proof that what I'm typing should be done in html format.

Just when I planned to put up my - finished, oh my god, I finished it - Let's Kill Hitler ramble.

This sucks, she grumbled, and went to bed.

Also? Tags aren't displaying when i try to tag the post. Sucks doubly. Going to bed now. Again.
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