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Dept. of This and That

Braiinz, Bones and Detritus

It's been a very slow day, largely because BB and I stayed up too late to watched "I Walked With a Zombie" on Turner Classic Movies last night this morning. I suppose I should have gone to bed at 3 a.m. before the rather surprisingly good movie captured my attention.  We staggered to bed at 4 a.m., awakened at 12:30 a.m. and I worked on a story for work for the rest of the afternoon, fighting off extreme achiness while I did. No housework or other tasks done, but I'm not guilt-stricken.

(The movie is really quite good, barring some unpleasant cultural and "benign" racism Fail that sadly seems to Come With the Territory in 1943 movies. And it has some really strikingly creepy, nay, frightening, images, like the one I'll hide under a cut at the bottom. Has anyone else watched the film? What did you think of it?)

Anyhow, since I'm about to take a hot shower and more painkillers before we watched Doctor Who (w00t!!1!), I'll leave you with these two other links.

First, because I'm a fan of rhinos (one of who once upon a metaphorical time ate my nose,  another story entirely from the tale of how he got his skin oh Best Beloved): The Oldest Wooly Rhinocerous Found.

Second, because I am definitely a skiffy geek, a science geek, and an anime geek (a point that is relevant because my love of the series "Planetes" immediately made me think of it when I read the piece — "They need Half-Section!" said I,)  this story: Space Debris at 'Tipping Point.'

And now, off to ablute, get painless and hide behind the sofa.

Oh, right. The Image Under the Cut

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