November 16th, 2007


Oho! She plays at being a critic! How droll!

Darkness, Apocalypse, Joan Crawford Eyebrows.
or, I gave it a Six, Helena; it had a beat, you could dance to it.

So yes, I am a Battlestar Galactica fan. Not the one from the 1970s with the blue velvet capes, as I mentioned to a friend last week. And if it's Mormon, I can't make it out.

What it is is Real Good. It's a way to look into the black and gold heart of humanity, pull out some of our biggest loves, fears, gods and devils and give them separate names like End of the World and Cylon, like Death and Resurrection, like Politics and Family, like Space and Suns pointing the way home to Earth, like 49,000 left, like Lies and Heartbreak and Defeat and Concentration Camps and Terrorism and Identities mis-taken or otherwise, like False Saviors and True, like Cowardice, like Bravery, and Faith, and Loyalty, and Love, Love, Love...and then tell our story with them.

Also with flippy spaceships, hot robot babes and very, very tall hunky human guys, and squirrelly bat-shit crazy human genius doctor-types, emo towel-wearing Sons Of Kings and Machinery-wise Salt of the Earth types. And gun-toting kickass gals of human provenance, or something like (yeah, those hot robot babes, again.) And blowy-up things. And sex. Woot. Sex.

Fans? It has many. Actors? The best. Writers? Hell, yeah! Emmys? Hell, no! (Well, yeah, maybe in the tech categories.) It's skiffy for Christ sake! (Hey, but it did get a Peabody Award!) An end in sight? Why, yes. Its creator, Ron Moore, has decreed the coming (eventually) fourth season on the SciFi network to be the last.

And, as a way to increase interest in the last season, NBC-Universal, which owns SciFi, decided to take a BSG quasi-standalone Television Movie called - with stunning originality - "Battlestar Galactica: Razor" and put it out into a limited number of movie theaters across the nation. Devoted fans could get free tickets, and stand in line to get in. And that happened Monday. It's going to show up on television on Nov. 24th, I think, but NBC was counting on folks like me to fill the theaters.

Yeah, of course I went.

And of course I had some thoughts about it, even if they might be shorter than this stupid preamble once I write them down.

(So here's the deal. I'm gonna put the rest of this under a cut, because a) I may well mention spoilerific stuff, at least a teensy tiny bit, so if you didn't go the movie and you want to be all fresh and unknowing when it hits your TV screen, don't read any further. You've all been warned, you frakkers. (Yeah, that's a BSG euphemism for precisely what you think, and a lot of nay-sayers just cackle with "I'm not Them" glee when show fans use it, because they think we're all fringe-socialized Asperger's victims, and I really don't care, because I like it, because, you know? I'm one of the fringe-socialized Asperger's victims. So suck on it.) and b) because not all my friends are drooling with anticipation over my BSG experience and commentary.)

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Looking on the bright side

Reasons to be Cheerful, part 2,765....
As this week draws to a close, may I ask all of you, my dear friends and friendly acquaintances - what has made you happy over the past few days? Did you hear good news? Did you fill up with a nice warm feeling because you made someone else happy? Did you solve a problem? Did you sing along to a particularly beautiful song? Did you laugh at a joke? Let me know...I'm gathering good things to put in various boxes of sunshine....
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