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November 19th, 2007

Back to Work

After a week of vacation during which I a) saw the newest cat in our house become a de facto permanent resident rather than a houseguest; b) Listened to the condo association reps get a tad mealy-mouthed about carpet, although I can hardly blame them and c) went without computer/net access for more than 48 hours, I can say that being back at work does not suck. I got to give a hug to my first-born, who I love very much, I shared some laughs with Bob, who I also love very much, and I did my roots. In a world which sometimes appears to have the steadiness and comfort level of an Indiana meth user (don't - I repeat *don't* get mad if you're from Indiana. You were picked out of a hat.) sometimes it's the little things that count. May your week rock the casbah.