May 5th, 2008



I finally completed the 14th and penultimate chapter of Walk Out With Me. My peerless editors* BB and Jae will look it over, and when they deem it reasonable, I'll post it over at Teaspoon. It may not seem like a big thing, but since I've been battling this chapter for, oh, more than three months, I'm perfectly happy to have ignored several other things I should have done this weekend, to focus on the chapter. It feels good. Yeah, I feel damn near righteous.

*Yes, I call them editors. Why do people persist in calling them betas? Editors, people - copy editors, story editors, specialists in language, or plot, or narrative infrastructure, or the big verbal picture - in short, people who help you write good.  Betas? Hell, no. Betas are for code, for god's sake.