June 14th, 2008

Hero Trio

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Stress free Saturday
    They can happen sometimes, and today was one of those days.
    I awakened later than planned, but somehow neither a bad mood nor a "too-long-in-bed" headache proceeded therefrom. My brother called, and his voice and conversation made me feel a great deal better about him than they did the last time he called. The man deserves some up days.
    Later, I called my dad, and learned to my delight that his room now has a phone. I talked to him briefly, told him I loved him, and promised him more letters. Not a great deal, but I think he was glad to hear from me, and I was glad to have made the call.
    The afternoon saw a fine batch of bread, the evening saw Andy playing three separate parts in his community theater's production of Stage Door. Of course, he was masterful, goes without saying, but there were also at least two others in the ensemble group who were good, and another three or so who were really not sucky. The others were undoubtedly fine people.
    And now I'm home,and have whipped up the first muffins I've made since high school. Don't ask me why...muffins just somehow got away from me as the years went by. I am reasonably sure they, too, will not suck. And a Doctor Who episode is almost ready for us to watch. With hot muffins. Yeah, stress free Saturdays can indeed happen.
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