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June 15th, 2008

Other Shoe Dropping, department of

    The headache gods are probably a nice bunch, amongst themselves at least. They may be nice to their celestial mothers. But they're not nice to humans.
    The headache to which I woke up this morning was significant, but nothing I couldn't deal with under normal circumstances. Of course, with headaches there really are no normal circumstances. By the time I realized this one was going to break through my first level of defense (hydrocodone, very very hot cloth over my eyes and more sleep), it had...well...broken through my first level of defense. So on I went to the second level of defense; sleeping all day, with the help of pain killers.
    Bob was such a sweetie, but he was dead tired because he's had a very long string of days where he hasn't been able to get more than a couple of hours sleep at a time. So he collapsed along with me.  Ah, togetherness!
    And now it's time to go to bed again, because tomorrow's a working day. Did I mention, agh?