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August 31st, 2008

lactose funnies

Doc Edgerton Milk
     There's always something filmically horrible, yet fascinating, about a glass of milk in mid-air, the milk globules doing all those interesting things they do in Edgerton photos. Except, of course, the stopped motion bit.
     I had occasion to view such a display this evening, when the newest cat, young Phillip, upended a tray table bearing a large glass of milk - placed there, unwisely, by my first born. He wasn't to blame, though, for he hadn't yet seen Phillip in full flight around the computer area, and had no idea that he would take that kind of route. (Yes, around the computer area. My laptop was lightly baptized, and the keyboard for the regular computer somewhat as well. The carpet received a rather significant baptism. All is well now, but it provided at least a half hour of cleanup fun.)