September 7th, 2008


fanfic, fickety fic.

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming
     That's what I'm doing with the damned story. I'm not at all sure that I'll like what I have come up with by the time I look at it again tomorrow, but I'm going to keep swimming. For some reason, I have CSpan2 on, and it's BookTV "In Depth", with writers like John McWhorter and P.J. O'Rourke telling the interviewer how they get started writing, how they fight through to keep writing. Agh. Why do I have this on? Because I am a complete idiot. But I'm still writing.
   OK, gotta turn the damned idiot's lantern off. (You know, until I saw "Idiot's Lantern" in S2, I thought only my family used that term to describe the television. Everyone else I knew called it the Idiot Box.) Right. Turn it off. Now. Time for music ....