September 15th, 2008



Belated Meme Offering
It goes like this (as if half of Western Civilization hadn't already played with this and put it back in the closet simply days and days ago.)

1) Comment on this post
2) Wham! You'll get one of the 26 fine letters of the Western, non-Cyrillic Alphabet to do with as you will!!! Or, you know, try door #3 ...
3) ... Which is to think of five fictional characters whose name (first, last, secret, emblazoned-upon-the-stars, whatever) starts with said letter.

Which leads me to the following -

Way back on Sept. 4, I read this over on the lj of
mack_the_spoon , and I bravely asked her for a letter. I got L, and I completely went blank. It took me far too long to figure out my five fictional L characters. But I finally did,and they're here, beneath this cut.
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