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April 9th, 2009

natal attractions

Birthdays Should Rock ...
When you're the animated, level-headedly un-addlepated, brilliantly opinionated, humorous and unsedated stickykeys633  . May your time in Nebraska be succeeded by time, and success, in D.C., may you enjoy the next run of Doctor Who whenver it arrives, and may your favorite win on American Idol. All the best to you, and apologies for such a late birthday greeting.

natal attractions

Another Birthday, Another Birthday Wish
This one is to mishalak  who, while rarely posting on lj these days, is always interesting when he does. I hope the coming year brings good fortune for you, and good fortune for those who you love. May your love for Denver continue unabated, and may you continue to call bad writers on being bad (and doing it in quite a witty fashion.)