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April 11th, 2009

does this thing work?

A Two-fer
The title means the lady's going to try two things at once:
1) Impress her friends with her ability to upload a picture. Because...whoah...mad skillz, neh?
2) Show the picture of her with new short hair. As is often the case with pictures, it shows, with brutal honesty, just how many, many pounds she has to pare from her frame. Ah, but the hair ... the hair ... *uses mad mental skillz to divert viewers' eyes from torso to tonsure*

See the picture!Collapse )


Urge. To. Kill.
Reason #1,436,085 I am glad I do not have a gun or frequent flier miles. It's also reason #9,572,009 I am ... diffident ... about religiously-based gender roles. The laff riot really gets rolling around paras 7 and 8.