May 9th, 2009


Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

Step by Step by Stutter Step, Skipping Into The Unknown
I left the office today having been inundated with the awkward but genuine - and genuinely appreciated - good wishes of newsroom colleagues who know about BB's pending surgery. I have some very sweet workmates.  And it's as good a way as any to start the next two weeks.They are going to be interesting.
  • There's the surgery, of course. Of which I've said nothing since first mentioning the precipitating circumstance, at BB's request, to give him a chance to talk about it himself.  And as he's he's done a far better job of outlining the situation than I could, I recommend you to his journal entry. Thanks, love, for letting me do that.
  • To prepare for the surgery - and because I had to take it sometime so it might as well be now, when there's no way the company is allowed to call me back in - I've scheduled my unpaid furlough week, as of Monday. The preparation, as BB and I have agreed, includes him bringing our books up to date and giving me a refresher course on Quicken so I can handle them for the next little while; preparing a durable medical power of attorney, if we can get ourselves organized enough; and putting together a will for him. (Which, while absolutely rational and logical, freaks me the hell out. Massively.)
  • I've also taken a week of vacation, so that I have more time to help BB recuperate.
  • That part about freaking me out, massively? It's true. Or it would be true if I thought about it. But I'm not thinking about the situation, having cleverly determined a couple of times that, yes, when I do, I freak. Good old cause and effect, cogito ergo omigod ....
  • On the other hand, I did find a few things that made me feel better this week, in particular this really interesting post by film critic and general all around good writer Roger Ebert, at his blog. Serendipitous, that; not because I necessarily believe what he does, or even that I'm really even approaching the arena in which he's operating. That would be too close to omigod all over again. But somehow Ebert's level-headed and unexpectedly joyful attitude about life and death calms me, probably because it reminds me of how BB approaches things.