July 12th, 2009

Blue Jack

Fanfic: Doctor Who

Title: Triptych
Rating: PG
Summary: After every life, a hell; after every hell, a heaven. Stories of Jack Harkness, in three drabbles.

I don't write drabbles often and I've never written Jack in a Torchwood setting before. This trio of drabbles contains absolutely no spoilers for Children of Earth, but was generated after watching the episodes and realizing anew the unique, and heart-breaking, status of Captain Jack Harkness in the Whoniverse. As always, I do not own anything - characters or settings - in the Whoniverse, nor do I take coin for writing about them. They are solely the property of the BBC.

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Whoniversal Contemplation

Children Of Earth Considered
Or, to be more specific, here's a commentary  by sensiblecat  , about Children of Earth. It impressed me a great deal. (I know the redoubtable scarfman  has already read and rec'd it, but one can never recommend good writing or thinking too much.) I don't necessarily agree with her conclusions, but this is the kind of CoE response that's worth its weight in gold, with nary an OMG Noez to be seen.