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July 12th, 2009

Fanfic: Doctor Who

Title: Triptych
Rating: PG
Summary: After every life, a hell; after every hell, a heaven. Stories of Jack Harkness, in three drabbles.

I don't write drabbles often and I've never written Jack in a Torchwood setting before. This trio of drabbles contains absolutely no spoilers for Children of Earth, but was generated after watching the episodes and realizing anew the unique, and heart-breaking, status of Captain Jack Harkness in the Whoniverse. As always, I do not own anything - characters or settings - in the Whoniverse, nor do I take coin for writing about them. They are solely the property of the BBC.

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S/a/n/i/t/i/z/e/d/ Under the cut for ficophobes' protection.Collapse )   

Whoniversal Contemplation

Children Of Earth Considered
Or, to be more specific, here's a commentary  by sensiblecat  , about Children of Earth. It impressed me a great deal. (I know the redoubtable scarfman  has already read and rec'd it, but one can never recommend good writing or thinking too much.) I don't necessarily agree with her conclusions, but this is the kind of CoE response that's worth its weight in gold, with nary an OMG Noez to be seen.

natal excellence

Oh, for Frak Sake
I didn't wish grbggrl  a happy birthday - I am, officially, an idiot! Will belated wishes do, my dear? Here's hoping you had a marvelous weekend, that you have a fantastic time at the con, and that the coming year simply rocks.