July 14th, 2009

Bennie's Tights

Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum

Because I'm just not organized to put anything memorable on the table here tonight:
  • I am such a fan of The Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. These guys - the captains of the crab boats and their crews - are probably at the far end of the political and cultural spectrum from me (Palin supporters? Wouldn't be surprised.) But I can't imagine working under tougher conditions, and doing it with more personality, bravery, strength, or irascible joi de vivre. And I'll never complain about the cost of crab.
  • What does it say about a person when a high point of the first day of vacation is sitting down and successfully cutting a pile of papers down to one quarter of its previous size? I admit to being perilously close to a non-official OCD type of gal, but hell, my life is boring. Oh, wait. I like boring. Yeah, boring's good. Bring on the papers!!
  • Writing Chapter 10 of Hearts and Moons is providing me with absolutely ironclad proof that sometimes writing is a matter of one sentence - no, one fucking phrase - at a time. Per day. I suppose sometimes the victory is just sucking those sentences, those phrases, out of wherever the hell they're hiding, and pasting them to the page.
  • I've been in skiffy fandom since 1977 even if I've largely gafiated, so my involvement, such as it is, in Doctor Who fandom isn't showing me anything more in terms of ... ambiguously socialized intra-group communication than I've seen at conventions, in lettercols or on newsgroups. Yeah, we'll go with that. *pauses to simultaneously sigh for the good ol' days and recoil in horror from the good ol' days* But the recent imbroglio over Torchwood: Children of Earth is staggering in its big, sleek, shiny stupidity. I watch, say little except for an occasional croggled post or rant at Bob, and wait for the seas to calm.  (Although I admit somewhat shamefacedly that I did go off a bit in one post - an attempt to get across my belief that writers writing for pay are writing for themselves and not indulging in hypocrisy when they say they're doing both. Oh, and to voice my belief that writers don't actually get up in the morning with the intention of "betraying" readers, viewers or fans of any kind; that they are, in fact, rather more interested in putting together a story that satisfies their inner ear and their producers'/editors'/agents' needs at the same time than in "breaking the fans' hearts.")
  • As for Children of Earth itself? Bloody brilliant. Absolutely spot-on brilliant. Not perfect - nothing's perfect in this world - but a triumph of great writing, superlative acting, careful and intelligent directing, and dedicated story-telling. If Torchwood goes on, bravo, and I personally hope it does. If it doesn't, this is an incredible high note on which to go out.