July 21st, 2009

Coles Philips

natal attractions

Hey, Fitz!
It has come to my attention that gerisullivan  is celebrating another birthday; and celebrate she should, because such a fantastic human being deserves all the best a birthday can offer.

  The world is a better place for you, Geri — even as it sighs in happy wonder at your energy, determination, and your rather wonderful smile.  I, too, am better for knowing you, for more more reasons than I could list here. Put simply, it's an honor to call you my friend.

Has it really been 27 years since my Best Beloved poked me and pointed to a red-head sitting across from us in the basement of the Chicago Hyatt Regency and said, 'I know that woman! She's from Battle Creek!"? Well, not quite 27 years ... about three weeks shy of it, I think. And now I can't imagine a world without you. Stay well, stop worrying, GET SOME SLEEP and continue being excellent!